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Not a week passes in my life in which I no longer receive any inquiries about where I can find good stick sets today.

There are many, many stick sets today – from large companies that make retail kits in craft stores to designers who run their own small handicraft businesses and make their own kits for their own designs.

I prefer handicraft packages in the latter category, at least for these three reasons:

1. Kits that usually come directly from a designer (practical always) include higher quality materials.

2. The designer knows all the nuances of the piece. So if you’re having trouble merging the design, you can usually contact the designer from whom you bought help.

3. If you buy from a single designer, you are one. Support of needle art at its roots; b. They help a person make a living. and C. They contribute to the longevity of that person’s ability to continue designing. Without a clientele, individual designers would no longer be able to produce their goods, and the needle art world (which is experiencing a good boom these days) would indeed suffer.

Stick sets from Liz Tapper - The Art of the Needle

For those of you who are looking for accessible embroidery sets for gold and silk embroidery – and especially if you like Art Nouveau motifs – I would like to show you a set by Liz Tapper, a handcraft designer from Great Britain The art of the needle,

If you want to try gold and silk embroidery – even if you are brand new to these techniques – Liz’s kits are the perfect taster kits for these techniques.

Stick sets from Liz Tapper - The Art of the Needle

The kits come with everything you need to complete the embroidery project, except tires (or frames) and scissors.

You will find silk thread (she uses Piper’s silk, which is a more or less flat silk), silk satin for the base fabric, heavy cotton for the back of the base fabric and two sizes of Pearl Purl, which is a real metal thread. There is also a spool of thread for the gold threads and a heart-shaped beeswax cake to cover the thread.

Stick sets from Liz Tapper - The Art of the Needle

Since the Piper silk is flat silk, I would not necessarily use this kit as a kit for beginners to embroider. Flat silk (which you can read about here) can be a bit tricky or frustrating if you are not used to it.

If you are already involved in embroidery – you know the basics, you are familiar with working with different types of threads – and you are ready to expand your repertoire, then the kits for beginners (and beyond) are for silk and gold work suitable .

Stick sets from Liz Tapper - The Art of the Needle

If you’re intimidated by the idea of ​​a goldsmith, the mother-of-pearl is a great thread to start with. It’s not complicated to use at all – it’s just about expressing it. However, there are a few tricks to stretch it, cut pieces and bump into each other, and these are covered in the instructions.

Stick sets from Liz Tapper - The Art of the Needle

Speaking of instructions: Each kit includes a printout of the instructions that will guide you step by step through the entire project. They contain photos and written instructions.

These are apparently printed on an inkjet printer. I would prefer to see them either print on heavier paper or only on one side of the paper, since printing on one side when printing on two pages can affect the clarity of printing on the other side.

All in all, these are great little kits to get you started in silk and goldsmithing. If you’re interested in the Art Nouveau period, you can try Liz’s other designs in this series.

Liz also has many other kits in her online shop, including all Goldwork kits, Whiteworks, a Bayeux-inspired horse set, several crewel kits (including a lampshade), and more.

You can Check them out here, Keep in mind that currency conversion is possible in the US (only the Google currency conversion calculator to compare the current currency conversion rates) and shipping overseas.

So this is another custom kit designer you can add to your list if you’re looking for stick sets! I hope you enjoy exploring The art of the needle!

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