290: How Chubbies does 8 characters with email marketing with Erich Hellstrom PERSONAL FINANCE

290: How Chubbies does 8 characters with email marketing with Erich Hellstrom

I’m really happy to have Erich Hellstrom on the show. Erich is a digital marketing strategist for Chubbies, a men’s shorts brand with a large cult following.

Erich is responsible for creating the copy for Chubbie’s social, email, product and events. And although Chubbie’s clothing isn’t really my style, I’m on her email list because it’s funny and does a fantastic job of building a loyal brand.

In today’s episode we will analyze your email marketing strategy and learn how we can apply these techniques to our own e-commerce companies.

What you will learn

  • Why is Chubbies so successful?
  • How did Chubbies get their first sales?
  • Chubbies email marketing strategy
  • How well are Chubbies converting emails and what is their overall strategy?
  • How often do they send emails and what type of content is sent?
  • Which emails do most customers convert?

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