2019-20 STEAM Lab Week 20 STEM

Another fast-paced and packed week full of learning, making and new experiences!

We had a great start to the week with a group of Mrs. Browns
1st Class Class for the opening of the Monday administrator meeting with a
Presentation of your Monarch Migration Robo-Retell! You did such a great job
that Mr. Huerta filmed them for the broadcast on the morning announcements!

On Monday Da Camera was back on campus for the second half
Of 3rd Elementary school for sound music encounters.

The big event on Tuesday was a trip to the District Spelling Bee
with our champion, Ginger. Your deputy Bricelda and the Junior Bee Champions
came as their personal support team. She played great! she did it
to the last 3 and went a few rounds with the later champions
be eliminated. We congratulate the champions who will represent HISD
at the citywide spelling bee.

A fantastic session of our Digital Making Club took place on Tuesday afternoon! The 2nd and 3rd grades finish their first scratch projects, while the 4th and 5th grades have started working on their mBot labyrinths.

Also this week our K-2 Name That Book team has theirs
Reviews for all 30 titles this year! Your recommendations go on
the morning announcements over the next six weeks. I will post them all
by the end of the week on the Name That Book page.

It was a little hectic week in the laboratory when I was gone
Tuesday & Thursday and had to change 3rd-5th great
on Wednesday to prepare the G / T groups for their first Skype-a-Scientist chats!
Nevertheless, a lot of excellent work has been done.

Children learn are you my mother and did a nice job
their story maps. They quickly had an idea of ​​the Bee Bots and conducted
Excellent Robo retelling in no time!

1st Class also did a quick job of their project.
They loved the migration videos from Nat Geo Kids and were sad to learn about them
the struggles to protect the wintering areas from traveling north
Resources. Your cards were a pleasure and Ms. Montoya was very impressed
their robo retells.

This group has made such amazing strides in that
A total of 6 students have completed course B!

2nd Class had their hands full as they worked on it
also researched and met me about product ideas for the next G / T Expo
when they inspired their course AND their Da camera to transform

Third grade – 5thth Class worked on their coding
Course and then researched scientific topics in BrainPOP and created Ozobot cards
retell their new science learning.

We ended the week with our first (soon to be held annually!) American Heart Association Children’s Heart Challenge Bike Tour! It was a wonderful day and we had a large number of teachers, parents and students who could enjoy it on their bikes, trikes, scooters, roller skates and even a hoverboard!

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