Ten questions with Nisa & Jewel Deeves Unschooling

Nisa Deeves and her daughter Jewel come to me this week to answer ten questions about their life without school. This was a wonderful chat to share a cup of tea with old friends. I love the rich carpet of life that all students who have generously shared their time with me have created.

Questions to Nisa and Jewel

Can you tell us something about you and your family?

How did you discover the reduction in school and how did your family switch to the reduction in school?

What was the biggest challenge in de-schooling for you and how did you master it?

In non-school circles we talk about the importance of actively supporting our children in the pursuit of their interests. What has it been like for you over the years? Was there any aspect of support that you found most helpful?

Jewel, can you tell us what you’ve been doing lately?

What was your favorite teenage pastime?

What surprised you the most, how did the student develop in your life?

Have you noticed that your definition of “success” has changed since you started school?

I like to hear how parents without school, whose children are now young adults, are approaching this next phase of their family trip. There are so many possibilities! What are you looking forward to and how is your life going together?

In retrospect, what was the most valuable result of choosing uneducated education?

Things that are mentioned in the following

Attended the Juwel program as a teenager, NOCCA Louisiana Art Conservatory

Find Jewel’s professional Instagram Here and Nisa’s Instagram Here

Color box boot camp with the make-up artist from LA mentioned by Jewel

They also wanted to mention Laura Bowmans East Tennessee Unschooled Summer Camp (ETUSC, for young people) and Self-taught radical gathering of homeschoolers (ARGH, for families) events. And you can listen to my conversation with Laura on the podcast!


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