Srimad Bhagavatam Skanda 1 – The passionate Dasi Putra, Vidura Hinduism

The cause is the interest in worldly questions and topics
To take rebirth on earth. If we are able to refrain from it
Worldly topics, topics or things, we will be suitable for Moksha. The
There may be several reasons for not doing so. One is the difficulty that
We have come across the number of births that keep us from making nonsense
up life.
Some were not inspired to lie or use bad words.
For some, it would be natural to be patient and not feel anger. Some would
Refrain from corruption and hoard illegal money. There are a large number of
People who are happy, even though the money is enough for just two
square meals. The same applies to clothing and jewelry, while some like it
fashionable dress and some are not that passionate. So to avoid unrest
Intolerance or fear. Gain these virtues or the weakness for worldly ones
Problems or issues or things have happened across multiple births. But those who
I have become calm about any worldly topic or subject or thing
Right to Moksha.
The other cause of disappointment is an external one
Source. The example could be parents who teach their children not to
bad company or substance abuse. So also teachers, elders or even spouses
Advice or official regulations or social stigma can keep us from wrongdoing
to be connected to worldly matter. All of these are of the external type. As the
Reason is external.

However, when a Jiva takes a spiritual path,
Achieve spiritual progress through Bhakti Yoga by hearing and singing the glory of the Lord
Editing its attributes or Dhyana Yoga, carrying its shape in memory or Dhaarana Yoga, worship, walking on
Pilgrimage and so on. Then the purification of the consciousness takes place
Tendency to worldly things in a natural way or to Sahaja Yoga.

Even after losing 100 sons and the kingdom to the Pandavas, king
Dhritarashtra would have accepted life. As the oldest of the Kuru
Dynasty, the Pandavas treat him admirably well with all royal luxury. Therefore,
King Dhritarashtra remains connected to the daily activities of life
to forget the goals of Purushartha. In this part of Srimad Bhagavata,
Lord Veda Vyasa gives the example of his Mahabharata story to teach one of them
the important Bhagavata Dharma of Vairagya or the dispassion. Let’s take a look

Sri Sutacharya says:

सूत उवाउव्चविदुरस्थयात्तायां मैत्रेयादात्त गतिम् ,
ज्जात्वागाद्दाध्स तयातयाप्प्सितः , १ १
Sri Shaunaka! The great vidura had met Maitreya during his pilgrimage
Rishi. He was a great philosopher. Vidura had gained the spiritual from him
Knowledge of the transcendental philosophy required to surpass the intense
Cycle of death. Everything he needed to know was from Maitreya Rishi and
all of his doubts have also been resolved. With such an enlightenment one day, Vidura
returned to Hastinapura.
याय कृतवाकृतव् प्प्नान् क्क्षता कौषाकौषाग्ग ,
जाज्तिर्गोविन्दे तेभ्तेभ्यशाचोपरर , २ २
Vidura had tremendous bhakti or devotion to the Lord. With all of his
Doubts cleared, he had accomplished everything he could. The
Divine peace had begun on Vidura.

तं बन्बनाधुम दृष्दृष्टा धर्धर्मपुत सहासह ,

धृतराधृतर्ष्रो युयुत्युयुत्सुश सूतः शाश्रद पृथा , ३ ३
गाग्नाध द्द ब्रह्मन् सुभद्सुभदा चोत्चोता कृपी ,
अन्याश्श जाज पाप्ण्ज्जाञ ससुताससुत स्स्त , ४ ४
प्प्युज्जग्मुः प्प्रहर प्पार तन्तन इवाइव् ,
अभिसङ्अभिसङ्गम विधिवत्विधिवत्परिष्वङाभिवादनैः , ५ ५
मुमुचुः प्रेमबाष्ष विरहौत्विरहौत्कण्ठातराः ,
रारा तमर्हयांचक्ंचक कृताकृत्रहम् , ६ ६

Sri Shaunaka! When King Yudhishthira saw Uncle Vidura’s arrival
together with his brothers, Dhritarashtra, Yuyutsu – the only remaining son of
Dhritarashtra was born the son of the maid of Gandhari, Sanjaya
the great war from Kurukshetra to Dhritarashtra, Kripacharya, Kunti, Gandhari,
Draupadi, Subhadra, Uttara, Kripi, along with other men and women from
the family together with their children. receive. They did this with their hearts
full of joie de vivre. With this one, Vidura, who was tired from the long journey
regained his energy. His transformation looked like a corpse that comes to life.
Each of them who came to receive him expressed his love and greeted Vidura. The sadness of separation with
Vidura was gone for a long time and the tears of joy were gone
rolled down without giving a hint. In fact, it was only after a while
recognized and started wiping her cheeks. King Yudhishthira offered one to Vidura
Seat and paid awe.

तं भुक्भुक्तवन विश्विशान्नासीनं सुखमासुखम ,
प्प्रशारय रारा प्पार तेषातेष शृण्वतावत् , ७ ७
After Vidura bathed and ate, King Yudhishthira relaxed
Keeping him in high regard and humility turned to Vidura and asked
Questions to him in a voice audible to everyone.
We heard the story of Yama Dharmaraja
Cursed by Manduka Muni to be born as a Shudra in Chaturvarna or the four Varnas
by Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra and Brahmana. Vidura is an incarnation of Yama
Dharmaraja and was a Dasiputra or the son of the maid of Ambika and Ambalika
by Lord Veda Vyasa. Vidura means literarily wise, intelligent and a
Self-esteem is great, but it’s supremacy or passion
towards a particular caste is not a principle of Sanatana Dharma. Mahabharata
illustrates that although Vidura from Shudra was Varna, it was Lord Sri Krishna
satisfied with him, stayed in his house and had blessed him with Aparoksha or
Atma Jnana.
Vadiraja Tirtharu (1480 – 1600) was a great saint and
It is believed that he is the next god Vayu in the upcoming Kalpa. Destroy the myth
and prejudices of the caste system he composed the song Ava Kulavo Ranga
Praise Sri Krishna and his supremacy, the inhabitant of all. let us
take a look at English texts and translation of “Ava
Kulavo Ranga ”
Ava kulavo Ranga, ariyalagadu ||
Ava kulavendariyalagadu govakaivagollanthe ||
Devalokada Parijatha hoovu satige tandanante ||

What caste are you from, Ranga? I am ignorant

I don’t know the caste of a Cowherd takes care of the cows
And the one who brought the heavenly flowers
Parijatha to his wife
Gokuladalli Puttidanante govugallannu kaydaanante |
Kolalanudi mruga pakshigala maralu madidanante ||
Taralatanadi orala nigaahi marava muridu matte hari |
Tereda bayolageerelu lokava irisi taayige tordanante
Seems you have taken
Born in Gokula to care for cows
Played the flute to hypnotize the animals and birds
It is also said that wood is used when you are mischievous
Mortar and felled the twin trees

Keep this huge universe in your mouth owrote it to show the rest of six and seven

What caste are you from, Ranga? I am ignorant

Gollatiyara maneya pokku kallatanava maddanante
Ballida putani vishavanundu mellane Trunana condanante
Pakshi tanna vaahanavante haavu tanna haasigeyante ||
Mukkanna tanna mommaganante muddu mukhada chelvanante
Seems you entered the cowherd’s house to steal
Consume the poison that the evil Putani has quenched
also killed the evil Trunavarta easily
It is also said that the bird, God Garuda, is yours
Vehicle and the snake, Sesha is your bed
The three-eyed god Rudra is your grandson, but you have
a beautiful, charming baby face

What caste are you from, Ranga? I am ignorant

Karadimagala tandanante Sharadhimagalu madadiyante
Dharaniyannu bedidanante Irelu lokada Odeyanante ||
Hadaginindali bandanante kadala dadeyali nindanante |
Odane Madhvarigolidanante Odeya Hayavadanante ||
You must have brought the daughter of Jambavanta the bear
and made Yamuna’s daughter your wife
It is also told
that you asked for three feet of land from Bali even though you were the master
the whole universe

Traveling in a ship seems that you have arrived and stood on the banks of Udupi.
And was immediately satisfied with
Acharya Madhva and it appears that you are the Lord Hayavadana.

What caste are you from, Ranga? I am ignorant

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