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We believe brokers can be empowered to better serve agents when they receive the keys to the lead generation engine, as this helps to keep costs under control, messaging better managed, and accurately measuring ROI. We have learned that diversifying your lead sources and providing a budget for internal lead generation improves overall cost efficiency and quality, and leads to higher agent productivity. It also offers recruitment benefits, encourages loyalty to the office, and offers more agents more opportunities for new business.

Brokers should contact technology partners who offer omnichannel lead generation and automated customer tracking, ongoing marketing support, and a service-based business model. Both brokers and agents should be able to convert leads more efficiently and for less money.

Ultimately, leads are people and can become brand lawyers, not just buyers and sellers. The technology has evolved. Real estate professionals can perform powerful tasks from a laptop or mobile device. New business processes should reflect this flexibility and freedom.

User success should be hard-coded

Technology providers like us should take even more responsibility for user engagement, long-term customer success, and our role in differentiating a broker.

So we have to help you do your job better. How can we close the gap between request and response? Can we predict a customer’s needs? How quickly can we adapt to the changing needs of real estate consumers?

The past few years have shown us that the industry needs more guides, technology companies that do a thousand miles more to ensure that every user has the support, service, tools, and training they need to succeed , Business-wide from top to bottom. Not just at the start, but years in the relationship.

To keep the industry at the top, we need to see user support as a product feature, not an added value. Ensuring user success should be hard-coded.

Of course, this requires a higher level of attention, dedicated service teams and success-oriented sales. When proptech providers focus on developing innovative solutions as well as their service, the entire industry benefits.

At Inside Real Estate, our year 2020 will be focused on customers, putting what we learned in 2019 into practice and finding ways to guide our industry through this ever-changing new world.

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