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Sales enablement is the process used to help sales improve the lead management process and ultimately make sales. It should be viewed as a strategic ongoing process to support sales execution. We often hear that the sales and marketing teams have a controversial relationship. However, it is vital for the company that these teams work together seamlessly. For this purpose, we give a brief overview of the things that we considered to be really important in this regard and support you in the sales process.

Communication is the key!

Sales must understand which programs are running in marketing and how they deal with customers who respond to them. There are a few great ways to deal with it. When sharing a lead with sales, I strongly recommend that you include a description with detailed follow-up information for the sales representative or a link to an intranet site where marketing maintains a list of campaign details, launch dates, and follow-up instructions. It is also helpful to include sales (or at least sales reps or key representatives) in your weekly or monthly marketing planning meetings. Get sales support to help you adapt your content to the different stages of the buying cycle. Listen to which programs work best. If they can be involved in the process and have input before the start, you get a good buy-in and it’s more of a team effort. You will often be surprised at how valuable your feedback can be to ensuring the quality and timeliness of leads that market stocks.

Second, training is a must.

Hopefully your company has an official onboarding program for your sales teams. Ideally, the marketing department will have the opportunity to explain their lead management process, provide training on all sales tools, and give a general overview of the types of campaigns to be carried out this year. It is vital that your products and sales techniques are properly trained. Training new staff is a priority, but the occasional lunch and learn sessions for the veterans are also great.

After all, tools and process alignment are very important.

Oracle Marketing Cloud has several very good sales tools that marketing can extend to sales users (see our other blog posts about Profiler & Engage for Oracle Eloqua). These tools support the sales process by giving sales reps the ability to see outgoing marketing communications and customer activity, and to email their contacts individually using proprietary templates. In addition, I imagine the elements for the expected follow-up process of a campaign as tools. These can be pre-made representative communication templates, thank-you emails or even leading follow-up scripts. If lead scoring is done properly, it can also boost the sales process. This can help ensure that only leads that are considered ready for sale are forwarded to CRM. Remember, it’s about quality over quantity! I also firmly believe that aligning sales and marketing teams with end-to-end campaign and lead management processes is the key to success. I cannot tell you how many customer meetings I have attended, where sales and marketing are listed on completely different pages, when a lead should be created and what happens once it is done. Agreement on what is a lead and the SLAs associated with the lead life cycle. Then document, train, include in the follow-up expectations. It should be part of the onboarding of sales and marketing and should be checked regularly as business requirements or management change.

Let’s not kid ourselves: a sale is a company-wide effort that goes far beyond sales and marketing. Team collaboration and ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding campaign launches and expected results is critical to filling the pipeline and managing business opportunities. Ultimately, marketing plays a key role in providing tools and content for sales promotion. The focus should be on working with sales to achieve goals. Relationship One is very familiar with the sales process. Contact us if you need more information or if we can help you with the ideas in this article.

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