One person’s compost is another person’s dirt Garden Design

After the customer (Mary) received the offer, he called me back to discuss it. Something went in that direction. (Revised and shortened short version!)

Client “Hello Stephen, thanks for the quote. ”

Stephen “You’re welcome, Mary.” Is there anything you want to discuss or is something unclear?

client “Yes, actually I have to discuss the amount of money you have allocated for” dirt “.

Stephen “That’s strange, Mary. I didn’t spend money on” dirt “in my offer. What do you mean by” dirt “?

client “Well, I mean compost and topsoil”

Stephen “Oh! I exclaimed (slightly confused and deeply baffled!)

And so the explanation started …

In order to better explain to Mary why the lion’s share of my budget goes to “dirt”, I used an analogy with which she could possibly identify. In reference to the construction of their house, I mentioned that a significant part of the budget was used for the foundation and building construction. Neither of them is visible to the eye when the building is finished. The foundation is buried underground and the structural planning is hidden by the building facade. Even if it is an essential part of a new construction project, the foundations and building construction never compromise. Because we all know that everything that follows is likely to fail if you take short cuts to these elements.

“Dirt”, as my customer put it (compost and topsoil), is the basis for any successful landscape.

The landscape fails without the application of compost and topsoil and the incorporation into the soil, which creates a homogeneous soil mixture. Just like a building on a shaky foundation.

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