Aviation stack: real-time flight data from the ground Design

Isn’t it cool that we have come so far technologically that we can not only fly from one side of the globe to the other in a few hours, but also watch the plane from the ground? It seems like a big challenge, but there is a tool that makes it possible.

Aviation stack is a free real-time flight status and global aviation data API. But how does it work and what can you expect from it? Preparation for the start.

Real-time flight tracker

How does aviation stack work?

Even if it sounds complicated, I can assure you that it is not. Once you’ve logged in and received your API key, simply append the access_key parameter to a valid API endpoint URL.

Once everything is said and done, you can request real-time data for each flight at any time. Everything is displayed in a simple, easy-to-read JSON format. This is something like what you can expect:

Real-time flight tracker

Of course, this is a very simplified example. Aviationstack can display all types of information about flights worldwide.


Aviationstack is packed with helpful features that you may never have known you needed. You can look forward to:

  • Live Flight Tracking
  • Historical flight data
  • Flight route search
  • Airports search
  • Airline lookup
  • Aircraft Lookup
  • Search city
  • country search
  • Search for air traffic taxes
  • And more

As you can see, you can get virtually any information you need about any flight at any time. They have an extensive list of flights, airlines and related items that they can track at the push of a button.

Real-time flight tracker

How can you get an aviation stack?

Aviationstack can be used on a personal or commercial level. That being said, the free version is only for personal use.

Depending on your requirements, there are some packages that you can grab. On their Price pageThey list 5 pricing options, including free ones. As the plans expand, so will the number of flights you can track monthly.

Real-time flight tracker

If Aviationstack looks like it is for us, you will get a killer deal. There is simply nothing comparable on the market for price and performance. That’s what the more than 5,000 trustworthy companies around the world have found out.

To top it off, Aviationstack is easy to integrate. Every language, every framework and every application with its clear documentation and the interactive endpoints is set up and executed within minutes.

Real-time flight tracker

The conclusion

Only one conclusion can be drawn from this review: Aviationstack is a powerful flight data API that is (by far) the best on the market.

With the amount of data you can collect at any time on any flight in any country, the price is also more than manageable.

Try it, browse the main page and try the free trial. You will not be disappointed.

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