The current decision you made to experience the separation will soon be reversed. Spirtuality

Saul Audio Blog for Monday, January 27th

Humanity is riding the wave towards its moment of awakening and that is very close now. Let go of your doubts and fears, because everything is good. Your awakening, as you’ve been told so many times, inevitable! It seems to you that you have been waiting for this great event for a very long time, but in truth it was only a moment, a moment. Separation from the source never did not occur because there is no place to separate from, there is only the source, the infinite field of love, in which everything that is created has its eternal existence in peace and joy.

But for a moment, for a tiny moment, you presented Separation and because you are imbued with the infinite power of the Source, what you imagined seemed to exist, and it seemed as if you were trapped, trapped, and immobilized in a vast universe of physicality, form. It is completely unreal, although it seems very solid to you because you are always in contact with other objects in the form – from the floor under your feet to everyoneThing with whom you interact in everyday life.

Life seems very physical because your body interacts with other physical bodies and objects. BUT if you pay close attention to your feelings, your awareness or awareness, it will be clear that it is you Not your bodies. There is one in you knowing that you can move away from your physical location – for example, while sitting, walking, working, or driving – when your mind is somewhere far from the room your body is in. You are not your body, but you move it and manipulate it or parts of it intended To do that.

Then who is it that sets this intention? It is awareness in your field of consciousness that makes you knows that you exist – your ability to imagine – and it is what makes the decision to respond to what you envisioned.

In truth you’re much freer than you think, but you choose to be limited by your bodies. Over the past few decades, many different types of training have made it possible for people to make their bodies faster and stronger, both physically and mentally, and the results can be seen in the new records set in athletic and academic competitions around the world. Even so, the bodies are limited because of you intended to be them, but you are not limited unless you think you are yourself. And because humanity in general believes restricting oneself, holding back, restricting, that’s what people generally experience.

Awakening means letting go and rejecting boundaries, completely freeing yourself from all boundaries and restrictions. Your true state is a state of absolute and complete freedom, and deeply rooted memories of this state drive you to push boundaries and seek more of life than human beings in their form. Many achieve a level of freedom that is far from what their parents have experienced and then often settle for that higher level of freedom. Others believe that they can never achieve the level of freedom their parents have experienced and, unfortunately, settle at this lower level. Some believe that they should not be restricted at all and spend their lives pushing the boundaries of human ability and freedom to ever higher levels. Your individual beliefs set limits, and these beliefs are heavily influenced by the collective beliefs of the culture and society in which you live.

Now is the time to release those invalid and restrictive beliefs, beliefs that anchor you in the past, in earlier memories of the restriction. “I can’t do that, what would people think?” “I could never learn how to do it. Now I’m too focused on my way. “” The way I live my life works for me. So why take the risk of changing it? “- the appear Offer security. Limiting beliefs are like veils or umbrellas that prevent you from seeing the tremendous possibilities that life offers you because you fear you refuse to question them by opening these veils and umbrellas and looking beyond.

Firm and undisputed beliefs are self-imposed boundaries that add to the fundamental constraints that make up a key aspect of human form. These are easiest to recognize in others – who hold religious beliefs, economic views, philosophies, or political beliefs that are different from your own – while often difficult to identify for yourself. This selfish and fearful need for justice, with which so many are infected, has led humanity into cruel conflicts for eons, conflicts that cause endless pain and suffering for a large number of people and that never lead to a solution to the problems, with which they are confronted appear primarily led to the conflicts.

Experience is gained when mistakes or errors are made and the reason for this is investigated and understood, and there are numerous situations in which this occurs every day. One of the lessons that are learned again and again is that people to do make mistakes and errors. Learning what caused it and then taking action to prevent it from recurring leads to wisdom. Unfortunately, mostly out of fear, erroneous or dishonest judgments are often made when trying to accuse others of making mistakes in order to shift the blame from those responsible to others so that they themselves cannot be ashamed and punished.

In recent decades, great strides have been made in understanding the causes of human error, and new laws and guidelines have been introduced to reduce and, if possible, prevent errors from occurring. However, when mistakes are made, the people in charge – often people who are at the management level of the organization involved – are almost always frightened and horrified and do almost every kind of cunning so as not to be held responsible.

The way forward is to change the way mistakes are dealt with so that those responsible can submit truthful reports of what happened in the knowledge that they were lovingly supported, feeling horrified, and Dealing with guilt that arises from their mistakes and thus contribute enormously to preventing further events of a similar kind.

If criminal negligence or criminal intent is the cause of the event, those responsible must obviously be held accountable. After a full investigation, they need the loving support they need to change the misguided beliefs that made them act the way they did.

Remember you are all – and there is absolutely No Exceptions – beloved children of God, perfect, the way you were created. The current decision you made to experience separation will soon be reversed, causing you to wake up. Until then, it is important that you intend daily to love only in your thoughts, words, and actions. In doing so, your intent will affect all of humanity, and powerful support will be given to all of humanity to release itself from fear, judgment, and guilt, and to develop a loving mindset that will allow them to be loving and respectful to each other can deal with, as God does. This is an essential step on your way to awakening and it is the way mother / father / god, source, love, always interact and engage with all of creation. This is how you experience life when you awaken, and this is how eternal joy will embrace and envelop you.

With so much love, Saul.

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