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Marie-Antoinette et ses Enfants

Mrs. Vigee-Lebrun 1788

“A woman, when she is at work, has grief because her hour has come; but when she gives birth to the child, she no longer remembers the agony, for the joy that a man is born into the world.” (John 16:21)

When the privilege of motherhood is realized, a woman is overcome by the understanding that the child in her is a separate being.

A good mother sees a boundary between herself and her child. This limit enables her to study the child and promote her and her many unique talents. The child, in turn, is amazed at his mother, he adores her. She is touched by the innocence in his eyes and feels inadequate, but also an intense obligation to help him find himself. She tells him about truth, law and inheritance. The mother teaches her child in obedience. But she raises this obedience to a fatherly source. It also lets the child discover, understand, build and fight, and again does not address these things to themselves, but to the Creator.

A faithful mother is happy to see her child as a privilege. A privilege is a “private law”, a sacred duty that God imposes on a particular person. The Christian family consists of privileges.

Then there is the modern world of humanistic isolation. Without mercy, a dangerous, devastating, even abusive mentality arises.

Today’s mother holds her baby for a price. She thinks she owns it. She admires her wonderful ability to “make” a baby. It forgets about fatherhood and does not believe in a creator. She is the god of this little doll that she made. Maybe she has a lot of little dolls and puts them in a row. She could even resent the dolls starting a life of their own instead of re-enacting their story. She becomes a kind of benevolent dictator who rules her child. Birth control is a way to power. The birth of a child is no longer a curse of original sin, but a superhuman feminine force worth worshiping. Others are unnecessary and are ignored. she is the idol. The woman fell in love with her own picture.

The Greek myth of narcissus
falls in love with his own reflection.

It can start or end small lives through abortion. Feminists are the be-all and end-all. These terrible female gods reign as tyrants who fly the double standards of liberalism. Women hate to smash patriarchy. But with that, their own beautiful privileges and responsibilities fall.

Because freedom only comes from God; without them, man is a slave to Satan’s brutality.

We cannot love the providential hand of God without following the order of grace that flows through generations. We must honor and obey the patriarchy and make our children aware of this venerable authority.

“Everything we do has to be motivated by love and not by violence. We have to love to obey instead of being afraid not to obey. I leave the spirit of freedom to you, not the freedom that excludes obedience, because this would be a freedom of the flesh, but the true spirit of freedom, which includes obedience … “-St. Francis de Sales

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