Piece N Quilt: Let’s Stitch – One block a day with Natalia Bonner Quilting

It was a bit quiet here on the blog, but that doesn’t mean that things behind the scenes are not crazy, busy, and exciting! We worked on some exciting new things this summer, including a new book. Visual instructions for quilting creative straight lines, a new machine step ruler, from the inside to the outsideAnd on June 1st our new YouTube series Let’s Stitch starts – one block a day with Natalia Bonner.

From June 1, 2019, Natalia will share 1 block per day for 365 days. In each video, Natalia walks you through a block step by step, using rulers to quilt machines and help you improve your quilting skills.

We have some really exciting plans, including weekly giveaways for those who sew, and a great price at the end for those who sew all 365 designs!

We can’t wait to sew with all of you!


So what do you need to participate?

**As a ruler for quilting machines, we recommend one or all of Natalia’s rulers.

(If you do not have one of the Natalia rulers, we recommend at least one straight and one curved machine step ruler.)

**High quality machine quilt thread that Natalia will use So good! above and ultimately on the spool.
**Natalia will embroider all motifs on the embroidery “Let’s Quilt” panels made of Honest FabricTo assemble all 365 designs, you need 7 of the panels. However, you can only work with one at a time. Natalia will sew all of her designs onto the 51 “x 60” panel. We recommend this size for this stitch.

(These boards are printed on request and take up to 2 weeks for delivery.)

If you want to sew the designs on your own fabric, you will need 6 “squares, circles and triangles.

**To process quilt with rulers, you need a household or long arm machine in good condition with a ruler foot and the ability to drop the feed dogs.

Natalia will teach basic ruler techniques, but you need to know how to work with your machine.

**PDF versions of each block are available for buy here,
**Digital files for computerized quilting will be available for buy here,

**Share your embroidery on Instagram with the #letsstitchwithnatalia, Every week we will choose a winner who has shared his blocks this week. The prices are fabulous and you won’t want to miss it!

(Your posts must be public so that we can see them.)

**Machinger and other quilt terms can be found on our website.

**You can pick up a Let’s Stitch t-shirt below (Click the image).

(You don’t have to buy any of these products to sew. However, these are the tools Natalia will be using and they will help simplify the process.)


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