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A customer journey map is a visual representation of the different steps that a customer goes through to achieve a goal on your company’s website or product. It should give an insight into the thoughts of a customer when using your website in order to optimize it.

A customer journey map is ideal for:

  • Understand customer behavior
  • spotting missed opportunities (from UX for copying optimizations) and optimization options
  • Insights into vulnerabilities, roadblocks and hesitations
  • Customer motivation and understanding of their needs on a macro and micro level.

What is a customer journey map?

The term “Customer Journey Map” is straightforward. It provides a visual overview or a map of how a customer does something (the trip). Everything a customer (or user) can do within a product is part of their customer journey. The best customer journey card offers a holistic overview of the entire process from the first to the last point of contact. Then the process within individual tasks, functions or interactions, e.g. B. Unsubscribe, edit a file or update credit card information, described in more detail. With this approach you get the macro and micro overview.

How to create a customer journey map for a better product design

It can be a lot of work to create a thorough customer journey map. However, the amount of information and insight they provide is well worth the effort. Of course, the more detailed they are, the more useful they are.

What are the advantages of a customer journey map?

A customer journey map is an exceptional tool for many teams, including product managers, UX designers, product designers, researchers, copywriters, marketers and stakeholders.

ON Customer journey map informs us of questions that a user may have, which is useful for copywriters. Marketing teams can use customer journey maps to create much more targeted campaigns. From a user experience perspective, it helps us to identify gaps within a product or experience in order to fix them. They can also provide information about the intensity of these gaps, which is helpful for project managers.

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The main reason for the effectiveness of these maps is that they focus on the user in an organization. It gives an overview of how the team thinks users are using a product or navigating a website, and what the actual users are doing.

How to set up a customer journey map

First of all, you have to be aware that the customer journey map must be created from the customer’s perspective. It negates the purpose differently.

Start with personas

How do I create a customer journey map?

Start with the personality of your company. You create a separate card for each person. Some data may overlap, but that won’t always be the case. You want to do this because different people use your website based on their own goals and motivations.

Get into the customer mentality

First adjust to your specific personality and go through the whole process – regardless of whether you use your website, register for a product or so on. Document everything you do, think and notice. There are no stupid questions or insignificant observations. The goal is to be as objective as possible.

If you can Perform user test to get less biased data. Record everything your user testers think, feel and notice.

What is a touch point?

Are touchpoints All things a customer can interact with with on the website or in a product. For example: adding an item to the shopping cart, switching to the shopping cart, checking the order, adding or removing items in the shopping cart, continuing to check out, selecting whether the customer should check out as a guest, creating an account or logging back into your existing one one – all of these are individual touchpoints. When you connect the different touchpoints, You create the map,

Entry into the customer mentality

What kind of information do you need to collect?

Once you’ve identified each touch point, you’ll need to provide some different information for each one:

  • emotions
  • thoughts
  • Gates
  • pain Site
  • opportunities
  • KPIs


What are the feelings of the customer? What emotions does this touchpoint evoke? Are you excited, happy, hesitant, determined, upset, lost, desperate for help, curious …?

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Emotions can change from point of contact to point of contact. Just because a customer goes through a single experience like opening a new account and is largely enthusiastic doesn’t mean that they can’t feel frustrated or upset when their credit card is declined or confused when they create an account with one already registered email.

This is also a good reminder of why personas are essential for customer journey card data. Two people who spend $ 100 on a pair of shoes can feel very different in terms of experience.


Thoughts and feelings often go hand in hand. What does the customer think? Which questions do you have?

What does the customer think?

Someone who buys an online course worth $ 500 might think, “Is it really worth $ 500? Will i earn my money “While someone else might be thinking,” Yes! I’ve waited so long to learn that. I can’t wait to get started! “These are just two simple examples. People have many different thoughts at every point of contact. Write them all down.


What does your customer want to achieve with this touchpoint? What are you supposed to do here? What is the motivation to be here?

Someone who goes into a shopping cart may check out. However, they may also check the final price of all of their items or determine if their discount code is valid. It all depends on the person and the person Hiring the customer,

pain Site

What are your frustrations or annoyances? What causes you problems with the website or the product? What is in the customer’s way? What brings you pain or difficulty at this point of contact?

Pain points can be things like getting a credit card error or missing an email address when sending an email. You may have noticed that there is a bug that is giving users unclear instructions.

There are also internal pain points. What else causes a user to leave a shopping cart or sign out of a service? Lots of people leave carts no matter how optimized the checkout page is for performance. These can be related to the needs of your target group or general industry problems. For example, is an outdated web convention that was once a great UX, but is no longer due to technological improvements.


Now take notes for yourself and your company. Opportunities are a place where you can write down ideas you need to improve the contact point or function the overall experience, If you have small or large ideas in mind, write them here. In addition, this is the perfect place to specifically write ideas about the pain points of the touch point.



Finally, it’s a good idea to make a note what kind of KPIs pursue this point of contact, this experience or this function. Are they conversion rates, bounce rates, or both? Make a note of whether this is the point of contact Part of an A / B test or user test. This is a smart way to keep track of the touchpoint’s performance over a long period of time.


A customer journey map is a fantastic tool that you can use to track the user experience of your website, your product, or both. It is an invaluable tool that you and your team can use to keep up to date. A customer journey map gives you a fantastic insight into the attitude and attitude of your customers when interacting with the product or website of your company at a certain point in time. Try a customer journey map!

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