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Ice pick scars often occur in areas of the face where the skin is thinner, e.g. B. on the upper cheeks and on the forehead. I have a lot to do with natural remedies, but this time my handyman couldn’t save me. Ice pick scars are one of the most difficult types of scars to treat, but the dream is not out of reach. There are professional treatment options and a few sessions with your dermatologist can help you regain your confidence. Read on to find out the causes and treatments for ice pick scars.

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What causes ice pick scars?

Around 95% of acne sufferers suffer from scars. Ice pick scars are most common in people who have developed severe or inflammatory acne. Acne can penetrate deep into the skin and damage the underlying tissue. Our body heals this damage naturally by producing elastin and collagen. If our body produces too much collagen, raised scars form. If we don’t produce enough collagen, ice pick scars develop. The main factors that contribute to ice pick scars are:

  • No or delayed treatment for inflammatory acne
  • Have inflammatory acne lesions like cysts
  • Acne lesions and pimples scratch, pick and pop

Now that we know the causes, we can dive straight into the treatment.

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The best skin treatments for ice pick scars

1st die cut

A circular tool is used to cut the scar out of the skin (yikes) by removing the top layers of the skin. The punch tool used is usually similar in size to the scar. The dermatologist uses a local anesthetic to numb the person’s skin. After the scar is removed, the wound is closed with stitches, leaving a thin, flat scar that is usually less noticeable than the original.

2. Punch of punch

Punch transplant is usually recommended for deeper ice pick scars. The skin is removed from the scar and removed from another part of the body, e.g. B. behind the ear.

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3. Microdermabrasion

In this process, a special grinding tool is used to remove the top layer of the scar. The dermatologist moves the device over your skin to remove the epidermis. As soon as the skin layer is removed, the scar appears flat. However, the results of microdermabrasion treatment are only temporary and you may need to do a few more sessions to get the results you want.

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Laser treatment is generally considered an anti-aging procedure because it fills wrinkles and fine lines, but may help with ice pick scars. Your dermatologist uses high-frequency laser light to hit the ice pick scars. Non-ablative lasers are used to promote collagen production, while ablative laser treatments are used to remove skin layers, but are associated with the risk of further scarring. Laser treatment can involve some risks, e.g. B. weeks of redness, blisters, swelling, itching, sensitivity to the sun (keep your sunscreen at hand) and changes in skin color. The biggest advantage, however, is that it produces lasting results that go on for several years almost immediately after the procedure and save you the weekly visits to your dermatologist.

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5. Microneedling

Microneedling uses several fine needles to pierce the top layer of skin. This creates several microscopic holes in your skin, through which the epidermis and the middle dermis detach and trigger the production of collagen and elastin. The procedure is relatively inexpensive compared to other procedures and has fewer side effects, although slight bruising can occur. The results are displayed 6 to 8 weeks after treatment. 6. Chemical peels

Chemical peels help reduce the appearance of ice pick scars by removing the top layer of skin with high concentrations of salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Chemical peels with alpha-hydroxy fatty acids (also known as “lunch peeling”) are faster, but only have superficial effects. Deep peels have the most effects, but your skin becomes irritated and reddened. Standard peels such as the Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel process trigger a deep peel that creates collagen that reduces the appearance of the scars. It is a minimally invasive technique that is fairly safe and inexpensive, although I would speak of “brutal downtime”. However, all chemical peels increase sensitivity to the sun and the risk of sunburn. It is therefore recommended to avoid the sun for 3 to 6 months after a deep peeling. I would get one in winter so I don’t look out of my window in summer. Don’t get peeled chemically if you have sensitive skin, have recently taken acne medication, or have deep scars.

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To sum up, it may not be possible to prevent scarring. However, the best thing you can do is reduce the risk by treating acne breakouts and taking the right steps to prevent future breakouts. Continuing your treatment even after the acne has subsided, gently cleaning your skin, avoiding harsh detergents and soaps, and using oil-free and non-comedogenic cosmetics and skin care products are just a few steps that you can use in your daily routine to help prevent future breakouts to avoid.

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Have you tried any of these skin treatments for ice pick scars? How was your experience Let us know in the comments below.

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