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We share some very sad news with a heavy heart. Ron Lally, co-director of the WestEd Center for Child and Family Research and creator of the For Our Babies campaign, passed away on January 22, 2020. His death was unexpected and peaceful. The extent of this devastating loss is overwhelming. We have lost an exceptional person, a gentle and creative spirit and a dear friend, while the field of early childhood development has lost a pioneering champion for our youngest children.

Ron worked tirelessly for small children, their families and carers for decades. His vision of high quality infant / toddler care will continue to inspire early childhood educators and leaders around the world, and their continued efforts to support and support babies are a key part of his legacy. Ron’s work has touched countless infants, toddlers, families, and the teachers and carers who care for them, and we honor him with our own continued efforts to improve the lives of young children.

As many of you know, Ron and his team have been in the middle of several For Our Babies projects, including a website that has been updated with new resources to help people promote the healthy development of children up to the age of three Years to promote. We plan to continue this work and will notify you when new resources become available.

We all hold Ron in our hearts.
With sadness
Peter Mangione and Julie Weatherston

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