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You worked hard to bring your company up to date. It is for this very reason that you should consider whether you would recover from fire damage or an expensive lawsuit without suffering a major financial blow.

Fortunately, there are a variety of types of guidelines to ensure that you are protected from these and other risks. These guidelines cover everything from your equipment to the liability risk you face when customers visit your office. Here are some types of business insurance that work best for small businesses.

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

Despite all kinds ofBusiness insuranceThe Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) remains the most commonly recommended and used form. This policy combines business ownership and general liability insurance in a single package. For most small businesses, this is the minimum coverage required to protect against general risks.

Let us break things down a little further for your understanding. The part of the property cover serves to protect your objects from theft, vandalism, fire or other forms of property damage. That means if tools are stolen from a construction site or a fire in your office destroys your furniture, you are probably insured.

In contrast, the liability portion protects you from incidents where another person has been injured or claims that their personal property has been damaged by your company’s actions. For example, in your retail store, a customer slips on a wet floor or one of your employees accidentally damages a window while cutting a tree at a customer’s home. These are situations that can trigger a potentially costly lawsuit if they are not dealt with properly. A BOP can protect you from such risks.

Professional Liability Insurance

Of course there are still gaps that a BOP does not cover. In this case, you need additional protection to complete the protection. The most common type of additional coverage is professional liability insurance.

This insurance is also referred to as error and cease-and-desist insurance and is common among business people such as lawyers, doctors, consultants and accountants. This policy essentially protects you from legal action in situations where your company has made a mistake in the professional service you offer.

Labor compensation insurance

Employee compensation insurance is essential for companies with employees and is compulsory in many countries. This type of small business insurance covers medical bills if an employee is injured while at work. This is incredibly important reporting, especially if your company operates in an industry where there is a higher risk of employee injury, e.g. B. in manufacturing or construction.

Commercial car insurance

Another form of business insurance is commercial motor insurance. If you or your employees use a vehicle during normal business operations, it is important to have an auto policy. Even if you’re not big enough to have your own fleet, a policy to protect employees driving their own vehicles while working is still required. Policy details can be a bit confusing and depend on your exact situation. Therefore, it is always best to speak to one licensed agent in terms of reporting.

Protect yourself

Owning a small business is both an enormous challenge and a wonderful reward. Accidents can happen at any time, so it is always important to be prepared. Protect yourself with adequate insurance coverage for small businesses.

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