The sister district project is a large part of our Divaland project and will be launched in 2020 :REAL ESTATE

Divaland voluntarily supports and is involved in the sister district project in order to cast the vote and win winning districts. Support the Sister District Project!

The sister district Project was a discovery that our good friends and diva Dwellers Bria and Michael told us about. They volunteered for the Sister District Project. In the Virginia election in 2019, this amazing organization will color Virginia blue. That is huge! And it gives us hope for a better future.

Here is the deal Divaland. We are facing a massive takeover of our democracy by those who do everything possible to consolidate their power. The only way to win the White House back is to work diligently on profitable local elections. Local legislation in particular. I hate breaking it for you, but winning the White House is a tough fight. It is a winning strategy for future presidential elections to win the legislature and redraw the election cards from the 2020 census. And here the sister district project plays an important role.

The sister district project was an effective change in 2019

Sister district wins 2019

Sister district wins 2019

The Sister District Project worked hard during the 2019 elections to create entries into the Red Stateswhere suppression of voters and gerrymandering have been worst in recent years. The hard work was worth it. With over half of their supported candidates winning controversial and competitive races. Some of the seats won were occupied by conservatives for a long time. Not only that, many of their supported candidates were women. Races accounted for almost two thirds of the project’s total donations.

Sister district 2019 wins

Sister district 2019 wins

In Virginia, they supported 22 races to color both houses of the state parliament blue for the first time in 25 years. These included the representatives Hala Ayala and Alex Askew as well as the senators Ghazala Hashmi and John Bell.

As a result of the voluntary hours, the postcards written, the texts sent and the money donated by this organization, there were changes. And continues to organize for a better and more representative government.

Alignment with 10 strategic state laws in 2020

The sister district project aims to persuade the state’s 10 strategically most important legislatures to end the fight against terrorism, promote the president’s critical turnout, and build progressive power in 2020.

These ten conditions meet one of our three criteria for blue flips, blue holds and blue inroads:

  • Minnesota
  • Texas
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • Arizona
  • Wisconsin
  • Georgia
  • Florida

The Sister district ProjecIt has a strategy against states that matter most to the top of the map: major races by the US Senate and Congress, and the greatest chance of directing the electoral college towards the Democratic presidential candidate.

By winning state legislation, Democrats can build a powerful line of defense against dangerous federal legislation, ranging from reproductive rights to the right to vote, health care to weapons control.

Would you like to do something against trans rights? Win at the state level! Would you like to contribute something to the safety of your weapon? Win at the state level! Do you want to do something about reproductive rights? Win at the state level!

Can you tell me more about this organization?

The sister district is working to color the states blue by winning parliamentary elections. We “sisters” volunteers from deep blue districts with targeted races in swing districts where control over the state parliament helps to keep partisans from wandering around. Volunteers in the sister district advertise, make phone calls, write postcards, write a text bank and collect donations for candidates.

Since launching in the wake of the 2016 elections, the sister district project has brought together over 45,000 volunteers across the country. Sister district volunteers donated over $ 1.65 million directly to candidates and reached more than 1.5 million voters through phones, doors, postcards, and text.

Divas comment – 2020 elections

Here is the deal Divaland. You can be a spectator in the 2020 elections or you can actually do something that will have a real impact. The divas will be working overtime from September 3rd to ensure that we vote in large numbers. We ask people to give Fair Fight money and to volunteer for it Sister district Project. Sign up for the Sister District Project today

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