How great is Randi? Theology

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A few brief observations:

1. Scientist Rupert Sheldrake is less enthusiastic about exposing Randis bona fides:

2. While a wizard has a useful ability to unmask certain types of charlatans, there is plenty of evidence of the paranormal that cannot easily be reduced to parlor tricks. For example, did Dembski study Stephen Braude’s research?

3. Finally:

Randi is a skeptic of equal opportunities. He has no specific animus about Christianity. For him, the Christian faith is no more realistic or justifiable than any other supernatural claim.

While I’m sure Randi is generally hostile to religion, there is a difference between generic theism and Christianity. Sexual ethics are part of the Christian faith. Randi is an active sodomite. I assume that he has a personal incentive for Christianity. It is not an abstract philosophical construct like perfect being theology, but a living religion with personal ethics, social ethics and social politics for church and culture.

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