Girl, 16, receives death threats and “200 messages of pure hate per minute” for offending Islam online : Islam

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“French teenager hiding after insulting Islam online,” by Adam Sage, The timesJanuary 24, 2020 (thanks to The religion of peace):

The police advised a French teenage girl to hide after receiving death threats for insulting Islam.

The 16-year-old was advised to stay away from her high school in southeast France after asking on the Internet to kill, rape, or attack her.

The girl, called Mila only, is said to have been told by officials that she should avoid being seen in public until the controversy fades. It is psychologically supported by the local prosecutor.

Prosecutors said two separate criminal investigations were underway, the first to investigate the causes of the teenagers’ death threats and rape, and the second to determine whether their statements matched the hate speech crime.

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