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I find it easier to leave Bubba to do his own thing in one morning … to a point. As soon as it comes at a certain time, he has to put down the LEGO or the glue stick and think about getting dressed. But until then he is in the kitchen playing with his interlocking stones or doing everything that makes him happy, and I am in the living room with the human squid, with squeaking.

I don’t like to separate him like this, but otherwise he’s happy enough when Squeak looks at his things or, as the sky forbids, actually touches when a war breaks out. Guaranteed and just not worth it in a morning. So segregation is the way forward.

Squeak doesn’t like to dress at all. His gross motor skills are delayed, so we’re still putting him on, but it’s funny that when I ask him if he wants a bath, he can undress quickly enough, and I’ve lost the number of times I go in I went to a room and he walks around the ankles with his jeans!

He masters the art of the dead drop. They know the place where you take them where they don’t want to go, so they just fall to the floor like a dead weight. Squeak must be the weight of a little donkey when it does, and it does every time I say, “Let’s get dressed.” It’s always dramatic, always with a “NOOOOOOO” followed by a muffled sound and I don’t know how he does it, but he always lands with his arms crossed to really highlight his protest!

Despite his penchant for throwing himself on the floor, he hates lying on his back, but that’s the easiest way to take off his jarmas and put on pants and pants so that we’re on the living room floor every morning. It is between my legs. “Let the fight begin!”

He usually lies there, wriggling and spinning, protesting to keep out of my reach and his clothes! And he’s very dramatic with his complaints – “Not” Appy Wif Yoooo! “” Don’t touch my bowtumm “,” I saad “and the eternal” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! “I just want to point out that I try to have minimal contact with his bowtumm and cleaning up is not my favorite thing!

Yesterday morning I got into complicated things by putting on a 9-10 year old shirt and not his 4-5 year old. I was a little confused when Squeaks’ shirt billowed over his head and looked like a dress, so I called to his brother to come out of the kitchen. Bubba looked like one of Kylie’s background dancers! I haven’t looked through his panties drawer for a while, so he wore boxer shorts for a 5-6 year old and the squeaks shirt looked like a short top on him! He saw nothing unusual in it!

Because of his sensory problems, Bubba likes his clothes very tight, so he hadn’t seen anything wrong in accidentally putting on his brothers’ clothes! Squeak, on the other hand, looked like a Victorian boy in a floating dress!

As soon as I replaced them, I helped him ram Squeak’s feet into his sneakers. Sports day that was really lucky because his school shoes were still damp from the mud adventures of the previous day. He usually comes from school and literally looks like he’s been dragged through a bush.

The other day they must have played with a homemade shovel, when I got it it was covered with a white powder coating. He had white splashes on his face, a sweater with food stains, mud on his pants, and his shoes were encrusted. The teachers always apologize for his condition, but I’m not one of the mothers who complain about my child getting dirty at school. You know what? He cleans up. He had a good day, he had fun, that’s what matters.

So PE day. A little less pressure because I can put his set on him. I just have to negotiate with the coaches. The laces. Squeak likes to undo shoelaces. I double knotted it and he still undoes it. He may have poor fine motor skills, but can still loosen shoelaces. Big!

Yesterday morning he must have undone it half a dozen times and after the last time “No!” Had said he had started mine! I think there is a lot to say for a slip!

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