Choose your thoughts the way you choose your words Women

After examining how your choice of thoughts affects your growth and potential, you can look at another area in your life. But take a moment to realize that there are two components, whether you have a firm mindset or a growth mindset or not.

When you grew up, you may have been told that you are not as good as someone else in a particular academic subject, sport, or talent. This has been your belief for your whole life. After all, you’ve been told that over and over again. You have heard from parents to teachers that you are not as good as someone else in one area.

On the other hand, you may have been told that you were perfect in a particular subject or area and never really learned to question these parameters. You may think that the bar has been set, you have achieved your goals, and that your job is done. This includes growing up with a fixed attitude.

Second, it is the stories that you create as you grow up. Perhaps you judged yourself to be someone who is not as good as just because you made a statement. You stuck to this belief without being asked to do so by someone else, and still carried it into adulthood. In both cases there is no reason to be guilty. As an adult, you can reshape your life at will.

Choose your words for yourself

When a friend comes to you and you feel unfulfilled or less than fulfilled, you are most likely an encourager – someone who takes your emotions into account and uplifts them. Why don’t you do that for yourself too? Change your thoughts, change your mind and watch how you talk to yourself.

When it comes to you, do you hit yourself, criticize yourself and don’t give yourself the same break that you would give your own friend? Choose friendly words of communication for yourself and pay attention to too much negative soliloquy.

A growth philosophy allows you to tell yourself that you haven’t worked as well as you hoped, and also speaks to you that you can work better and do more. All of this without the accompanying negative soliloquy.

Choose your worlds for others

In the same way, you want to speak to yourself with kindness and encouragement to promote your potential and development. Use this opportunity to promote and promote the development of another.

Instead of apologizing for them, hold them accountable, encourage them to see where they can do better, and offer them the opportunity to do more and do bigger things with their lives and brains.

Choosing your words carefully, whether for yourself or for others, makes a difference that can lead to a change.

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