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Best time to sell a home in real estate

The 2020 real estate market is Portland Splits, Some parts of the Portland real estate market are cooling and are firmly considered one buyer’s marketwhile other segments of the Portland real estate market are still hot and as seller’s market, See our full 2020 Portland real estate market forecast here, In general, downtown Portland condos belong to the buyer’s market category (your best purchase in Portland at the moment) and many luxury properties in the Portland market (not all areas, but most) are in the buyer’s market category. But anything less than 450,000 near the city is most likely stuck in the seller’s market.

All of this will continue throughout 2020, but will also have strong seasonal highs and lows. This means that a house or condominium that is usually offered on a buyer’s market can be sold quickly at the right time of year, but can hardly be sold at the wrong time of year. Likewise, a home is always easy to sell at a reasonable price, but will likely result in multiple offers during the best season and can only get one offer on the property market out of season. While the overall trend and forecast of the Portland real estate market are significant, the seasonal highs and lows of the year into the month of the year are significant and will have a positive impact powerful effect the next time you sell or buy a house.

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Best time to sell a house

Month by month breakdown of the best time to sell a home

Best time to sell your Portland home (per month):



  • Low inventory levels – Buyer traffic is not large, but inventory levels are so low that many properties were sold in January but not in December or November.
  • New Year’s Effect – Buyers often think about their New Year’s plans and just start to fall in love with something and buy it earlier than expected. This New Year’s effect is good for home sellers as it creates a new wave of buyers who weren’t there before.


  • The weather can be bad and the shows can be stopped for a few days or a week, depending on the weather.
  • Buyer traffic is still low.

Tips: The first week of January is still part of the vacation break. As a rule, we recommend that you wait at least until the second week of January to start a new listing. If you have a luxury home or property that is difficult to sell for some reason, Jan is the ideal time to start listing. Do not hesitate. The best part of the year to sell a house is January through May and from January you have a long runway – if your house needs it – to make sure you can sell. Even if you are determined to sell at the highest possible price, you should launch your home in January. This gives you enough time to make a price adjustment (if necessary) and still offers you a great real estate market ahead of you.



  • Low inventory – buyer traffic will also increase from January.
  • No major holidays to work on. Most buyers will be in town.


  • In the Portland region, the weather can sometimes be bad.
  • Buyer traffic is increasing, but is not yet near a high.

Tips: There is really no good reason not to sell a house in February. It’s been a fantastic month on the real estate market in our region. The only possible reason for a delay is that you are absolutely sure that your property would sell on a weekend, which means that you are in a very hot area. Then you may want to wait for the traffic of buyers to peak. However, if you are not 100% sure that your house will be sold immediately – list in February! This gives you a lot of fantastic time on the real estate market that you still have to sell.



  • The best month of the year to sell a house in 2020.
  • Inventories remain low, but buyer traffic is at its peak.
  • Several offers are common (depending on price and region).
  • The weather is getting better and the gardens are starting to bloom.


  • There really aren’t any downsides, but if you’re in a highly valued area, you may want to wait until April or May to sell to get a good market season, but get a little more appreciation before entering the real estate market go. But I would only choose this option if you are absolutely sure of a quick sale. Otherwise, choose March to sell, or an earlier option if you can.

Tips: The National Association of Realtors recently reported that the last week in March is the best week to sell a home in the country. Usually the real estate market is not that specific, but it is true that the highlight of the year in our region is basically March and April each year.



  • The weather in Portland is (often) better than ever.
  • The gardens bloom even more than in March.
  • Buyer traffic is about to peak.
  • Several offers are common (depending on the price and region).


  • The inventories increased in part from March

Tips: April is the perfect time to sell a house when you know it will sell quickly.



  • May is the last month of the best overall season for selling a house – January through May.
  • The weather is fantastic.
  • Inventory has increased in the past two months, but is still at a reasonable level.
  • Buyer traffic has peaked.


  • The inventory will be available from April.

Tips: It’s okay to start selling your home in May. Don’t be too aggressive with your price tag as inventory is increasing and will be even higher in June next month.



  • The weather is usually good.
  • Buyer traffic is excellent. They are also getting a new wave of buyers looking for good school districts for their children next year.
  • Most of your region’s appreciation (if your region appreciates) will be achieved through June through the year.


  • Not everything sells because the inventory is very high.

Tips: If you have to start your listing in June (it is understandable that many people want to wait until June to prepare their house for the market), make sure you set the right price. There are a lot of buyers and a lot of houses to choose from. Just make sure you pick yours! The price is king in every market.



  • Buyer traffic is still high.
  • Motivated buyers have to make their final selection to find their way around before the new school year.


  • The weather is bad and too hot for many buyers.
  • The prices will fall far underground.
  • The inventory is almost at its peak.

Tips: If you have to start selling your house in July, this is not a problem. But listen to this serious warning and give your house a sale price since August is the worst month for selling a house outside of December. If you try to sell your house in July and it doesn’t sell, it will only get worse. So when you launch your home in July – be aggressive with the price (unless you can wait a long time) to make sure that the many buyers who are still there in July choose your property.



  • It is not December. Only December is a worse month to sell a house in our area.


  • Inventories have peaked (and will remain at least until mid-September).
  • The weather is not good, too hot for many buyers.
  • Many home buyers are not there, they are on vacation.
  • Buyer activity has decreased significantly since July.
  • Prices are falling on the subway.

Tips: Not everyone can choose when to put their house on the property market, but if you can avoid starting in August, you should. Also, keep in mind that if you don’t sell in August, now is not the time to lower your price (unless you absolutely have to sell quickly), it is time to be patient. If you wait (and it will take a while), there is a window in the fall real estate market that is better than August. It’s okay to be there to sell, but be prepared to be patient so the right buyer comes along.



  • Inventories will finally begin to decline at the end of this month.
  • The weather is often more reasonable than in August.
  • In some areas until mid-September. the local market will pick up.
  • Buyer traffic is medium and similar to August.


  • The inventory is still at its absolute high at the beginning of this month. In some areas it will fall immediately, in others it will linger.
  • The first part of the month is the school swing and can calm some parts of the market considerably.

Tips: It’s okay to start selling your house in September, especially if you can’t wait to sell until next January. September is not a bad start month because October is getting better. The appropriate autumn market is mid-September. through mid-November and a ton of homes sell this season.



  • The weather is usually decent.
  • Buyer traffic is medium.
  • The inventory is also medium (in most areas).
  • Motivated buyers want to buy before the holidays roll around.


  • The window to be sold is short. They no longer want to be on the market in December. Other than that, October is a good choice unless you can wait until the next spring market to sell.

Tips: October is a good month to sell, but make sure you set prices for your house again as the market gets very slow during the Thanksgiving and Christmas winter holidays.



  • Inventory can be low in some areas. We often see homes selling in November that may have tried since August, but there was always too much inventory in the way.
  • Buyer traffic remains reasonable, but may decrease somewhat from October.

Tips: As you can imagine, the market is slowing around Thanksgiving, but it can surprise home sellers to know that early November can be a good market. Sometimes the house that has been waiting for the longest is sold. So look at your neighborhood inventory and you may want to resell by early December. If everyone else gets out, you might feel like the only house for sale in your neighborhood – and that’s always a powerful thing.



  • The inventory is low in most areas.
  • The first weeks of December still have buyers.


  • The weather can be bad and bring buyers home.
  • The Christmas season slows down most of the buying activity.

Tips: If a home seller wasn’t really forced to sell quickly, I would tell him not to start listing in December.

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January 24, 2020

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