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As a busy mother, protecting my mental health is at the top of my priority list. Seriously, there are so many things that are happening in our day that are trying to destroy our peace and let us pick up the pieces in chaos … and really, who has time for THAT ?! Not me … and probably not you either! With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite mental health saving tools that have helped me tremendously to stay relatively healthy in the different seasons of motherhood. And the best thing I can do for FREE for you now until 2/2/20!

5 Sanity Saving Tools for Mothers

First of all, meal planning! Meal planning saves so much stress {and also saves your budget!}. I use my busy mother‘s menu planning folder. This helps me keep an eye on our favorite dishes, recipes, fridge / pantry / freezer supplies, grocery lists, weekly meal plans, and more! Get it here!

Next, you’ll see the busy mothers budget folder. This 27-page printable workbook will absolutely help you get your finances in order! I use mine every day! Find out more and get it here!

Then I use my fitness tracker for mothers. This is a 17-page printable tracker that works with ANY fitness program and allows you to track important things like goals, daily / weekly workouts, meals, water intake, vitamin / supplement intake, weight loss and more! Get your copy here!

I also use my mother’s prayer diary for 2020 every day. Prayer is the most important aspect of my day and I love the layout of this diary that helps me remember to pray for everyone in my life and my daily scripture readings and memory verses to pursue. Get it here!

Something else that helps me stay healthy is a routine for my kids! We have been using structured routines since our daughters were toddlers, and that makes such a difference. As they got older they started to keep up with their routine and we started using these daily routine tables for children. Try them out and see if they would help you at home too!

So you have FIVE tools that I use every day to save my mind! What are some of your favorite sanitary mothers tools?


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