The top 5 reasons why we should teach our kids coding Babycare

Education, like health and social behavior, is a crucial segment for the future
of our children. In fact, most parents start thinking about it before that
The child is born and projects dreams and hopes towards a new bundle of joy
future career.

if you are not the type of parent who puts pressure on a particular academic
Direction, you still want the kids to have the right skills. This means
Give them access to the classes, resources, and tools that shape them
cognitive processes for the modern world.

in a computer-governed world where AI and machine learning already exist
The best gift you can give your kids is programming skills. Below we
listed some of the main advantages of coding, but we can assure
There is much more!

# 1: children
Can start early

It is
Coding (or programming) can easily be thought of as something you can learn at school.
but with a little effort you can start earlier.

Children today learn to use and understand technology in their first two or three years
three years of life. So, with the right tools (like toys and online
Resources), your children can take their first step into the wonderful world of
Coding very early in life.

can teach young minds the code from a learning perspective a
Language. Finally learn how to translate the world in programming
Languages ​​is just like learning a new language with grammar rules and

# 2: It
Increases creativity and logical thinking

The two (creativity and logical thinking) actually seem to be opposites, we
need logical thinking to be creative. In addition, we have to be able to think
the box to find the most logical solution.

enables children to create different thought processes that they leave later
understand the world from different perspectives. It teaches children how to do it
Think to find the right solutions to a problem that is a strong one
Skill in their journey into adulthood.

Coding can be a powerful tool for brain development, even after your children
grow up. Studies have shown that people with programming skills a
sharper mind, better focus, and less risk of brain disease (such as
Alzheimer). By exposing young minds to coding, you also ensure that they do
an additional chance for the fight in the future.

# 3: A
Shared experience

They are not technically savvy parents and have the wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas
the learning experience with your little ones. This can lead to a stronger one
Parent-child bond, it also helps you acquire new skills that can prove
useful in the future.

And as the kids grow, you have access to a variety of high quality online resources So the whole family can continue to learn.

The good news is that programming is a skill that can be acquired at any age.
whether you are six or more than sixty years old!

# 4: mistakes
is a good experience

Adults suffer from a chronic fear of failure. Most of us are so afraid of it
the wrong thing is that we avoid the experience altogether! After all, how many
you moved something just because you thought it wasn’t
I am ready?

Learn this behavior as children and when the time comes, we will project it onto you
our own children. Modern kindergarten and school environments are built for this
Protect children from disappointment, rejection and other so-called grievances
Feelings by making extra efforts to involve everyone.

we shouldn’t struggle to inflict emotional pain on our children if
If this happens, it is our duty as parents to teach them how to deal with the problem
Feelings that arise. In this way, we lay the foundation for more strength
confident adults.

Coding, we let the kids see that failure is nothing more than an experience
from which we can learn and continue. You will understand the power of
Resilience and steadfastness in life, and you will see how important it is to try
until they find the right solution.

# 5: skills
for the future

The software industry is growing rapidly and rapidly
Specialists and employees are in demand. In addition, the trend
increases because the number of job offers will only increase in the next few years.

By teaching your children coding, you offer them an additional chance for a
better future. Of course not all children will want to be programmers, but they will
The world of technology is extremely diverse. However,
the people who work with new technologies have to understand how it works,
Basic coding knowledge is therefore always helpful.

Wrap up

As you can see, there are only advantages to teaching young children how to code.
Even if your child becomes a musician
Novelist, coding skills still help them improve their craft or

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