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SEED is partner of Sophia ERP in the launch of Nigeria’s 1st Digital School Transformation Platform : Nigerian Education

Sustainable Education & Enterprise Development (SEED) has officially launched the first of its kind in Nigeria.

The initiative, operated by Sophia ERP, was announced today on January 23, 2020 in Acceler8 Hub, Ikeja, Lagos.

During the press conference, Executive Director for Sustainable Education and Business Development (SEED), Olanrewaju Oniyitan, noted that SEED has developed the SEED Quality Assessment Tool (SQAT), an innovative tool for school development and continuous improvement in the quality of underfunded schools.

She explained that SQAT should be a way to improve low-income schools in Lagos by helping school leaders understand their strengths and weaknesses. And provide them with critical information to begin their school transformation journey.

According to her statement, SEED, which started in 2016, had its first school intervention with a team of 4 in the Ikeja and Ojo counties of Lagos State and was able to reach 51 schools.

We had to come up with SQAT as a framework to checkmate improvements as a school and also a business in these low-income schools. However, it was a very rigorous process as we had to transport huge files to these schools to evaluate them. And even though our training costs were really subsidized, people still had to really stress themselves, spending an excessive amount of money on very long distances to undergo training, she said.

In a further conversation, she announced that the school could be upgraded to 715 schools after receiving the grants. This made managing schools and their data more difficult.

“We already had so much stress with manually collecting data and also working with the 51 schools, but it got even stricter when we scaled up. When Sophia ERP came on board to digitize the process, we knew immediately that we would be able to reach more schools, “she said.

Schools can go online with the digitized medium Seed Foundation program register and also evaluate yourself before SEED comes for review. The process becomes easier and everyone can benefit from it. We therefore hope that at least 10,000 schools with over 1,000,000 children will receive support and resources to effectively improve the quality of their schools in Africa by 2030, starting with Nigeria. “

Conrad Adigwe, CEO of Sophia ERP, also referred to the news editors, noting that Sophia ERP, a technology company for business and digital transformation, should accelerate the growth of small, medium and large African companies with cost-effective and appropriate technology solutions. was proud to work with SEED to digitize the first transformation component, the SQAT.

Adigwe showed the journalists the interface of the digital platform in a presentation and guided them through the registration process during the application process, whereby every detail had to be specified precisely.

In response to concerns about language barriers that may arise during registration, amazingreveal said that action is being taken as the platform continues to expand to address network gaps and language barriers.

With the help of the digital process and our basic cloud solution, schools from all over the country can register and register. And after we were successful in our test pilot zone, the SQAT can penetrate states and beyond, he explained.

Low-income schools were hereby encouraged to visit SEED FOUNDATION to register and be the beneficiary of this great initiative.

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