In the machine – A worshiper’s diary Christianity

by Linda McMillan

As I mentioned in a recent post, my wife Linda was diagnosed with cancer in 2019. As she underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the Holy Spirit gave her some important insights that she and I have now written about. Published on my blog. I pray that you will be blessed by them. Pastor Roy

“I will be with you and protect you wherever you go.” Genesis 28:15.

This is the Bible verse that was chosen for me for 2020. I couldn’t make it to the Gospel New Year’s Eve, so my husband Pastor Roy put his hand in the basket with the writing cards and “randomly” chose one for me. I say “by accident” in quotes because I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit led him to this card.

And God kept that promise to me. During my cancer treatment, I felt the presence of the Lord with me. While I was lying in the radiation device that was used to treat my GYN cancer, I look at the ceiling and see a cutout in the form of a cross. I am reminded that Jesus loved me so much that he took my sin on his shoulders, went to the cross, conquered death, and rose again so that I could have eternal life. I know he’s in this room with me.

A green ray emanates from this cross in the ceiling. Tiny tattoos on my body are aligned with the beam so that I am perfectly aligned with the machine, which can then emit the radiation at exactly the right angle. I am reminded that when I adapt to the teachings of Jesus I am in the perfect position to receive the blessing of the Lord and to bless others.

The machine that emits the radiation consists of three large arms, one of which is equipped with a camera for taking CT images of my pelvis, the other with a panel for reflecting the images for the technicians in the other room and the third with the instrument that emits the radiation. I am reminded of the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – and feel a feeling of peace that surrounds me.

When I see the camera click away and take pictures of my pelvis, I am reminded that I was created in the image of God. Then when the blackboard that reflects the images for the technicians passes over me, I am reminded to reflect the image of Christ for others. Finally, when the arm with the instrument that emits the radiation passes over me, I am reminded that just like the radiation removes the remaining cancer in my body, I have to allow the Holy Spirit to fill me up and eradicate everything, what does not please the Lord.

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