Visas Avenue received 23 visa permits for Australia from October to December 2019 Immigration

Visas Avenue does not have to be introduced and remains at the top when it comes to naming the best visa advisors in India for the immigration process in Australia and Canada. And it proves it again and again by consistently delivering incredible performances.

As in most years of the last decade, 2019 was also incredible for the Visas Avenue team, as it helped thousands of people apply for and obtain a visa last year. Let’s take a look at the number of visa approvals for Australia that Visas Avenue customers received in the last quarter.

Australian visa approval in the last quarter of 2019

In the last quarter of 2019 (i.e. from October to December 2019), a total of 23 Visas Avenue customers received the Australian visa approval from the Visa office. The VA team specializes in immigration processes in Australia and Canada. Therefore, this feat is of great importance in order to further expand its status as the best visa consultant for Australia and Canada.

S.No country Customer Name Passport application / visa approved month
1 Australia Prashant PR approved October 19
2 Australia Rynelle Obtained VISA GRANT LETTER Positive 489 subclass October 19
3 Australia Ankit PR approved October 19
4 Australia Sapan Visa approved (190 Visa subclass) October 19
5 Australia Somaja Obtained VISA GRANT LETTER Positive 190 subclass October 19
6 Australia Varoon Obtained VISA GRANT LETTER Positive 190 subclass October 19
7 Australia Venkatesha PR approved October 19
8th Australia Prashant VISA GRANT LETTER received October 19
9 Australia Ujjwal PR approved
10 Australia Saurav Visa approved October 19
11 Australia Suraj Get IMMI GRANT LETTER November 19
12 Australia Prateek Visa approved November 19
13 Australia Dipti PR approved November 19
14 Australia Abigail PR approved November 19
15 Australia Yoginder Visa approved November 19
16 Australia Ritesh Get IMMI GRANT POSITIVE LETTER November 19
17 Australia Deepu VISA GRANT LETTER received 19. December
18 Australia Mr. Nagulapati Visa grant 19. December
19 Australia blow note VISA GRANT LETTER received 19. December
20 Australia Parush VISA GRANT LETTER received 19. December
21 Australia Nitin PR approved 19. December
22 Australia Humera Australia Bridging B Visa 19. December
23 Australia Asim Australia spouse visa 19. December

With its 7 branches and over 200 immigration specialists and customer advisors, it provides important help for visa applicants who want to immigrate to Australia and other countries with a qualified PR visa, a study visa, a visiting visa, a family-sponsored visa etc. Team helps you applying for a visa in Australia, Canada, USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, Germany etc. countries.

Apply for a visa in Australia on Visas Avenue

Visas Avenue is a trusted visa consultant and advisor in India who works with MARA and IRCC members to provide reliable counseling support and advice to foreign immigrants. Visas Avenue offers the following services to applicants:

  • Assessment of the applicant profile
  • Choosing the right Visa program
  • Helps you submit your visa application
  • Documentation support
  • Support with international approvals
  • Preparation of the letter of reference
  • Offers IELTS training (online / in person)
  • Visa application follow-up with immigration authorities etc.

The VA team has an exceptional success rate in applying for visa permits for its customers, who are also referred to as foreign visa applicants. To start your entry into Australia on Visas Avenue, simply call Visas Avenue Toll Free No. 78-18-000-777. You can also send your questions or feedback to our email address [email protected]

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