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Virgin Australia introduced Economy X in March 2017 as an upgrade to the standard economy seat. In addition to the additional legroom, the Economy X seats offer inclusions such as priority boarding and a special storage space.

Economy X seats can be selected from AUD 35, depending on the flight. Platinum Velocity members and their companions can choose Economy X seats for free on domestic and short-haul flights.


Economy X is available on all flights operated by Virgin Australia, although codeshare and interline customers cannot purchase an Economy X seat. The seats are located in the front of the economy cabin and / or in the emergency exit rows (see below).

plane Economy X seats place
ATR 72 4 row 1
Fokker 100 5 Emergency exit row 12
Boeing 737-700 24 Rows 3-5; Emergency exit row 10
Boeing 737-800 30 Rows 3-5; Emergency exit rows 13 and 14
Airbus A330-200 8th Emergency exit row 28
Boeing 777 57 Rows 20-25; Emergency exit rows 26 and 39

Virgin Australia's Economy X is worth it? 1

Economy X benefits

Economy X offers both aerial and ground benefits, depending on the type of flight you’re traveling on.

domestic flights At least 3 inches more leg room

Priority screening (where available)

Priority boarding (where available)

Preferred storage space

International short-haul flights At least 3 inches more leg room

Priority check-in (where available)

Priority boarding (where available)

Preferred storage space

International long-haul flights At least 3 inches more leg room

Premium check-in (where available)

Premium boarding (where available)

Preferred storage space

Guaranteed first choice

Premium noise canceling headset

Economy X prices

The cost of upgrading to Economy X varies depending on the flight. The price for a specific route can be viewed on the seat page when booking. Below are some examples of Economy X prices.

  • Sydney to Melbourne – AU $ 35
  • Perth to Melbourne – AU $ 59
  • Brisbane to Perth – AU $ 69
  • Brisbane to Wellington – AU $ 40
  • Sydney to Fiji (Nadi) – AU $ 69
  • Brisbane to Denpasar (Bali) – AU $ 89
  • Melbourne to Hong Kong – AU $ 129
  • Sydney to Los Angeles – AU $ 199

Platinum Velocity members and up to 9 companions traveling with the same booking can choose Economy X on domestic and short-haul flights for free.

Virgin Australia Economy X - 2020 Guide

How to book

You can purchase an Economy X seat at the time of booking by selecting a seat or afterwards using “Manage my booking”. Economy X can also be booked by phone or added later.

You can also wait until check-in, where Economy X is sometimes offered for free. If you ask nicely or are a faster member, the check-in staff can upgrade you at no additional cost. In addition, flight attendants often try to fill rows of emergency exits. So if you are sitting nearby, you may be able to volunteer to move.

Collect points and status credit

No additional velocity points or status credits are collected for the upgrade to Economy X. You will receive the rate of the tariff originally purchased. You can redeem Velocity Points for Economy X seats. However, the number of points required varies.

Sum up

Economy X is a product between Economy and Premium Economy. The main selling point of Economy X is the additional legroom, and on this front Virgin Australia doesn’t disappoint with a seat pitch of 34 to 39 inches for all aircraft types. With the B737, for example, the legroom is comparable to that of the business class seats in the front.

It is important to note that a priority security check is only offered at five domestic airports and that access to preferred lockers is not enforced. Therefore, you may not notice a big difference until you take your place.

Is the upgrade for Economy X worth it? Personally, I would say that if you need extra legroom, it may be worth the extra cost to have a comfortable flight. However, if you find legroom comfort in standard economy seats, I would not accept shorter flights.

Virgin Australia Economy X Frequently Asked Questions

What does Economy X cost?

Prices vary between $ 35 and $ 199 depending on the route.

Does Economy X get priority boarding?

Yes, Economy X passengers receive priority boarding benefits.

Does Virgin Economy X take priority at check-in?

For international destinations only.

Can Velocity Points be used to purchase Economy X seats?

Yes, you can use your Velocity Points to pay Economy X.

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