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I’m taking you today to my recently completed Williamstown project, which is likely to give you plenty of ideas for industrial kitchen design.

However, it is not just the kitchen Reno that we focused on in this transformation. I also completely renovated the living and dining areas. We removed a fireplace, cleaned and polished the floors, painted the walls, installed new window treatments and much more. Oh, and I designed a wall-mounted TV unit and turned the first floor plan over. I’m pretty exhausted just thinking about it.

The best thing is that customers were so impressed with the result that they brought the house to the market. It went on sale even before the Reno kitchen was completed. How can an interior designer prepare your home sale? I feel like the Selling Houses Australia team

Let me show you some of the previous photos and I will then guide you through the ideas for industrial kitchen design that we discussed and how we did them. I would like to point out that when placing the home on the market, a real estate stylist was brought in to set up the home. The furniture and furnishings are not my job.

The kitchen in front was hidden in the corner

You will see in the floor plan comparison at the end of this post that the kitchen was tiny at first. Scaled it made no sense to have such a small kitchen in the corner on a fairly large floor.

Before we even started discussing the ideas for industrial kitchen design that I had for this room, we had to deal with the function. This was a family of three who used a kitchen with little space for appliances. And these people used a lot of devices. Not only that, trash cans were also exhibited. A small freezer stood in the dining room next to the kitchen. And the countertop was pretty high on one side (so no room for a couple of beautiful chairs).

So even though it had no visual appeal, more importantly it didn’t work. And it felt so bad that the hub of the house was squeezed into a dark corner. This middle level overlooks the beach in Williamstown. I am talking about first-class sea views. A coastal dream. And yet, when you cook, you can’t eat any of it. You feel so removed from the action.

I knew immediately that we had to make some important changes. The layout was the first thing we tackled, and the plan was to double the size of the kitchen. The dining room moved closer to the large living room to increase the space in the kitchen.

industrial-kitchen-design-renovation-williamstown pre-

The wish list for this industrial renovation

What I loved about this customer is that they didn’t want the obvious. While the house is right on the beach, they didn’t want a coastal look & feel. I totally agreed with that. I’ve wanted to make a more moody room for ages, and this couple wanted me to do it. So we were on a good thing.

Here is a list of the key changes we’ve made to the kitchen, living, and dining room:

  • Completion of an industrial kitchen renovation
  • Freshly painted throughout to banish the white walls
  • New window treatments have been added to soften the rooms
  • The floors have been sanded and polished to remove the tired, orange feel
  • The lighting in this level has been updated to make it feel more modern
  • Removed the old fireplace to open the living room
  • Designed a wall-mounted TV unit that matched the kitchen
  • Folded down the entire floor plan of the living room to make it more appealing

When I say ideas for industrial kitchen design, I naturally nod to the industry. A modern interpretation. You will find that the finished room does not feel overly rustic or gritty. We didn’t want it to feel too thematic or too literal. The focus was really on making sure that the room felt moody, deep and not everyday. I am confident that we did it.

black laminex kitchen cabinets industrial kitchen with concrete slabs

I know what you think: black furniture becomes a city with fingerprints! But never be afraid; I used fingerprint-proof materials, so maintenance is a breeze.

black industrial kitchen with concrete slab in coastal house with oak parquet

Basics for a modern industrial kitchen design

If you want to create this industrial design flair in your own home, there are a few things to consider.

Of course, I entered the room for the customers at will, and I encourage them to do the same. This is the best way to find out whether all the fittings and devices you have planned work together. So start with a mood board first. Or even a Pinterest board with the elements you love. From there you can safely make a selection.

There were a few key points to this industrial kitchen design:

These would be my top five ways to ensure that your ideas for industrial kitchen design are realized. Of course, the floor color and the color of your walls also make a difference. However, if you focus on these five elements, you will be very happy with the result.

Williamstown renovation project before Parlor with-white-leather sectional sofa

Above: The living and dining room felt so heavy and the TV and the fireplace dominated the room. Below: flipping the configuration and removing the fireplace (which didn’t work) changed everything.

Black industrial kitchen with gray stone slabs in the williamstown seaside home

The living and eating also got a revision

The new kitchen now took the place where the old dining table was. Therefore, of course, some layout changes had to be made in the open living and dining room.

Looking at the previous shot, you will find that a great TV and a fireplace dominated the room. When you went up the stairs to this floor, those were the first things you saw. The worst: the fireplace didn’t even work. And so the question became: Do we really need a fireplace in this house?

Fortunately, customers were happy to drop it, which allowed me to flip the furniture configuration in the living room. You will notice in the photo directly above that the fireplace is gone and the sofa is now sitting against this wall. Orientation has a much better flow. When you enter the room, you notice the sofa and the art and window treatments.

On the other side of the sofa, where there was nothing before, I designed a television and had it installed on the wall. The materials are the same as in the kitchen, so the rooms are interconnected. This is also a great way to hide the ugliness of the big black box.

This has been lacking on this level of the house. The rooms were all so crowded and isolated from each other. Now this is a large, open space that feels airy – despite all these black closets!

Black wall entertainment unit in coastal living room with brown leather armchairs

Coastal living room with black wall-mounted TV unit and view of the ocean

The floor plan is everything

Sure, I wanted you to move away from this post with ideas for designing industrial kitchens. But I would like to address one really important point: the division of your house is everything.

The layout of course determines how you use the space. That is a given. If something gets in the way of you walking through a room, it becomes a pain point in everyday life. When the hob is miles away from the fridge or pantry, it makes life difficult.

The layout also affects how you feel in a room. In the old kitchen of this property, the homeowners were so disconnected from what was happening in their living room. You also couldn’t enjoy the breathtaking view you see above.

Poor layout can also cause the wrong design elements to stand out. If you scroll to the previous living room, you can see how exhausting the TV and fireplace were. It became the center of the room.

Take a look at the floor plan change from the old to the new home. You are sure to agree that the proportions of the new kitchen are far more successful than those of the old one. And there is still plenty of space in the living and dining room.

Kitchen renovation williamstown floor plan change

Have you picked up some ideas for the design of industrial kitchens in this article? I’d like to know what you think about this Reno and the changes I’ve made to this property. Why don’t you write me a comment and share your thoughts?

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