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My family was invited last weekend to show Sony’s Bad Boys For Life in 4DX. As always, our 4DX experience was unique and a great weekend for me and my teenagers. An adventure in Washington D.C. is always a pleasure and we are always on board to have a good time in the capital. As a die-hard fan of the Bad Boys franchise, I was thrilled to see this new film.

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Some parts made me want more and others answered some of the questions I’ve had for over 17 years. The film Bad Boys For Life brings this infamous duo new opportunities and a conclusion. I strongly recommend that you watch this movie as soon as possible, especially in the 4DX Experience. Let the 4DX experience introduce you to the action and laugh with the humor of the Bad Boys class, which we have all learned to love.

Bad Boys Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are back together for a last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life. The infamous old school duo Marcus and Mike face new problems (career changes and midlife crises) when they join the newly created AMMO team of the Miami Police Department, the ruthless Armando Armas, the malicious leader of a Miami drug to defeat cartel.

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Bad Boys For Life Movie Review

First, I want to warn you that I am a die-hard fan of this franchise and I was more than excited to have the chance to review this film. To begin my review, I say that the real Bad Boys-style movie started with a bang when Mike and Marcus raced through Miami in Mike’s notoriously expensive car. If you rewind and think how long it has been since we last saw this duo, you will remember that it was 2003, 17 years ago!

A lot has changed in 17 years, and this involves some expected family changes. Marcus becomes a grandfather and Reggie’s reappearance was a welcome surprise. With these changes comes the clear picture that this infamous duo has aged quite a bit over the years.

Although Will Smith and Martin Lawrance are in their fifties, this doesn’t stop them from getting involved in the action in this film. Or change your comedic humor when we get the chance to relive it.

When I was almost 30, I had to say that this film has the atmosphere of an “adult people”. The guy with whom you have all the action you want and who, compared to previous films, contributes even more to an action. I mean, compared to the previous films, the expected action is about half that of Bad Boys 2. Since Bad Boys 2 was still my favorite among the three films in this franchise, it was an epic adventure, admittedly difficult up.

Mike and Marcus face major changes in life in Bad Boys For Life when Marcus decides to retire. I mean pension ?! Did we ever expect these bad boys to hang up their bulletproof vests and end it? Although Marcus wants to end it, Mike has to pay a bill when the emergence of a new, very good looking and fit character begins.

And let me tell you that this character, paired with his mother from the cartel, has a huge revenge against Mike Lawery and other characters from the past. I mean, they tried to kill Mike a few minutes after the film started. Overall, I liked this film, and since I don’t spoil films, I won’t tell you what an overwhelming surprise this film offers. However, I will say that you can count on classic Bad Boys action and comedy throughout the film.

I admit that as you experience this classic Bad Boys action, you have to wait more to experience this towards the end of the film. I like the introduction to some new characters, especially the one in AMMO with my friend Vanessa Hudgens. Fortunately, the end has an opening for a Bad Boys 4 film that has been reported to be in production / underway.

Since I don’t want to spoil the end, I’ll report that I’m glad to see one of the new, very beautiful characters in this fourth episode. At least they make you believe in the last moments of the film.

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Other scenes give a real feeling as if you were moving with the characters in different action scenes. I thought it was good that with the 4DX Experience you don’t just get the extra sounds and lights. With this experience, you can expect your seats to move throughout the movie as if you were in the character’s shoes. At some points in the film I forgot that I was sitting on a 4DX chair because the seats moved so smoothly with the scenes.

I brought my teenagers to this film because they are big fans of the franchise. They said it was really cool and an improvement over the normal theater experience. Although we could not record this film in ScreenX format, we hope that one day we can have this almost 360-degree experience with other films.

I would say this is definitely an R film, but it was acceptable enough for me to bring my teens with. I would call this 4DX experience a must for anyone who wants to improve their movie experience.

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