Visas Avenue received 114 Canadian visa permits in the final quarter of 2019 Visa

When you apply for a visa, nothing else gives you satisfaction or happiness than the visa approval you received from the Immigration Service. In this sense, Visas Avenue was extremely privileged to have played its part in bringing the smile of thousands of visa applicants to the face over the years. The last quarter of 2019 was significant in this regard.

114 Canadian visa permits in one quarter

In the last quarter, H. From October to December 2019, a total of 114 Visa Avenue customers, i.e. H. Canadian visa applicants, approving their respective visas. This is an outstanding achievement by the Visas Avenue team.

The Visas Avenue team’s certified migration experts and visa consultants have done everything in recent years to provide reliable advice, support and assistance to immigration applicants who are willing to emigrate to overseas countries including Canada, Australia, and the United States. Great Britain, New Zealand etc. And the result that it received itself shows the effort the whole team made every month.

Canada visa permits obtained from Visas Avenue customers

S.No country Customer Name Passport application / visa approved month
1 Canada Rahul pass request October 19
2 Canada Vishal pass request October 19
3 Canada Hamsa pass request October 19
4 Canada Vishal pass request October 19
5 Canada Anish pass request October 19
6 Canada Tunisha pass request October 19
7 Canada Karuna pass request October 19
8th Canada Shivika pass request October 19
9 Canada Medhavi pass request October 19
10 Canada Mani pass request October 19
11 Canada sukriti pass request October 19
12 Canada Divya pass request October 19
13 Canada Abbas pass request October 19
14 Canada Manthan pass request October 19
15 Canada Shweta pass request October 19
16 Canada Pallav pass request October 19
17 Canada Richa pass request October 19
18 Canada Gaurish pass request October 19
19 Canada Sannah pass request October 19
20 Canada Nada pass request October 19
21 Canada Naresh pass request October 19
22 Canada Santhanam pass request October 19
23 Canada Anushree pass request October 19
24 Canada Kavuluri pass request October 19
25 Canada Raghav pass request October 19
26 Canada Masab pass request October 19
27 Canada Prinston pass request October 19
28 Canada Jaydeep pass request October 19
29 Canada Ramneet pass request October 19
30 Canada KRITI pass request October 19
31 Canada Sharath pass request October 19
32 Canada Gautam pass request October 19
33 Canada Sanakara pass request October 19
34 Canada Latha pass request October 19
35 Canada Sreejith pass request October 19
36 Canada Jhansi pass request October 19
37 Canada Sneh pass request October 19
38 Canada Kanika pass request October 19
39 Canada Manasa pass request October 19
40 Canada Mrudula pass request October 19
41 Canada Shruti pass request October 19
42 Canada Chanukya pass request October 19
43 Canada Krupa pass request October 19
44 Canada Rajarshi pass request October 19
45 Canada Ashmeet pass request October 19
46 Canada Manohar pass request October 19
47 Canada Orijit pass request November 19
48 Canada Sumit pass request November 19
49 Canada Ashay pass request November 19
50 Canada Ankur pass request November 19
51 Canada Hysen pass request November 19
52 Canada Shriya pass request November 19
53 Canada Mohana pass request November 19
54 Canada Baljeet pass request November 19
55 Canada Rishi pass request November 19
56 Canada Mr. Nikhil pass request November 19
57 Canada Shatabdi pass request November 19
58 Canada Tanmay pass request November 19
59 Canada Jagrut pass request November 19
60 Canada Rafiya pass request November 19
61 Canada Ryan pass request November 19
62 Canada SYED pass request November 19
63 Canada Sheryl pass request November 19
64 Canada Surma pass request November 19
65 Canada Rakhee pass request November 19
66 Canada Anurag pass request November 19
67 Canada SIVA pass request November 19
68 Canada Snehal pass request November 19
69 Canada Sarath pass request November 19
70 Canada Saradhamani pass request November 19
71 Canada Vikram pass request November 19
72 Canada Silvi pass request November 19
73 Canada Rushda pass request November 19
74 Canada Subhankar pass request November 19
75 Canada Lenin pass request November 19
76 Canada Neelima pass request November 19
77 Canada Tarun pass request November 19
78 Canada Abhinav pass request November 19
79 Canada Ankita pass request November 19
80 Canada Neha pass request November 19
81 Canada monish pass request November 19
82 Canada Nitish pass request 19. December
83 Canada Abhinav pass request 19. December
84 Canada Divya pass request 19. December
85 Canada Amrita pass request 19. December
86 Canada Shivprakash pass request 19. December
87 Canada Divyanshu pass request 19. December
88 Canada Srilaxmi pass request 19. December
89 Canada Jithu pass request 19. December
90 Canada Pavan pass request 19. December
91 Canada Anuj pass request 19. December
92 Canada Aashish pass request 19. December
93 Canada Rochelle pass request 19. December
94 Canada Hemant pass request 19. December
95 Canada Akhila pass request 19. December
96 Canada amreen pass request 19. December
97 Canada Altamash pass request 19. December
98 Canada Adrija pass request 19. December
99 Canada Sriya pass request 19. December
100 Canada Juhi pass request 19. December
101 Canada Pushkar pass request 19. December
102 Canada Siddharth pass request 19. December
103 Canada Shyam pass request 19. December
104 Canada Humpreet pass request 19. December
105 Canada Benjamin pass request 19. December
106 Canada Sarthak pass request 19. December
107 Canada Arputha pass request 19. December
108 Canada Haarini pass request 19. December
109 Canada Soumitro pass request 19. December
110 Canada Ankur pass request 19. December
111 Canada Binil Bharat pass request 19. December
112 Canada Harpreet pass request 19. December
113 Canada Sumangla pass request 19. December
114 Canada Sourav pass request 19. December

What makes Visas Avenue the most trustworthy and successful visa advice?

Visas Avenue is a registered visa consultancy affiliated with ICCRC members and MARA members to provide real advice, support and assistance to foreign visa applicants. With 7 branches and more than 100 customer advisors, it offers the best advice and guidance to people applying for PR visas, visiting visas, study visas, etc. in different countries.

It follows a transparent but organized process so that applicants can apply for the desired visa gradually and easily. The VA team has an excellent track record of applying for visa permits for its customers, who are also known as applicants for foreign visas. Visas Avenue offers the following services to applicants:

  • Assessment of the applicant profile
  • Choosing the right Visa program
  • Helps you submit your visa application
  • Documentation support
  • Support with international approvals
  • Preparation of the letter of reference
  • Offers IELTS training (online / in person)
  • Visa application follow-up with immigration authorities etc.

To start your immigration process with Visas Avenue, just call Visas Avenue Toll Free No. 78-18-000-777. You can also send your questions or feedback to our email address [email protected]

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