The best cleaning products and accessories Farm House

I share the best cleaning products and accessories that make your home feel fresh and flawless. If you’re looking for more green products, most are non-toxic too!

The best cleaning products and accessories

I feel like there are two types of people in the world. Those who loathe cleaning and those who love it. Can you guess who i am

I am one of the weird ones who finds cleansing therapeutics.

I don’t know what it is, maybe chasing the perfect feeling when you end the day with a clean house, or just the routine of it all. No matter, it’s something I’ve enjoyed over the years.

You can also bet that I am one of those who tried every available detergent and found the best detergents and accessories in time. And most of them are non-toxic!

The best cleaning products and accessories

The best cleaning products and accessories

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Although I never deliberately chose to replace most of my detergents with non-toxic ones, I’ve found that I’m so glad I did.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use a few more powerful cleaners when I feel they are needed, but for the most part, I’ve turned green with about ninety percent of what I use.

I think it’s great that it makes my house feel much fresher and doesn’t smell as strongly of chemicals when I’m done. So I thought I would share some of my favorites with all of you and all the fun accessories too!

The best cleaning products and accessories


I think everyone needs the convenience of one good sturdy cleaning trolley, I found this metal at the Target Dollar Spot last year and have used it every time since I clean it.

It’s great to carry all of my cleaning supplies and not have to worry about forgetting something in another room.

The best cleaning products and accessories


Most of the cleaning products that I use are Ms. Meyers, I think it’s great that they use all herbal ingredients and also essential oils that make everything smell good.

My favorites are the fragrant lavender products. I use the multi-surface cleaner almost everywhere with one microfiber clothand all of my bathroom cleaners are also from this line. Highly recommended!

The best cleaning products and accessories


This Ever Spring brand is a new one that I tried from Target. I like the convenience of cleaning up spills for liquid spills and quick cleanups. Since it is also a natural product, I love that no aggressive chemicals are used.

I often use them in the bathroom, mostly when I wipe toilets so I can just throw them away when I’m done.

The best cleaning products and accessories


I love, love, love with essential oils for cleaning, So now you can say that I am obsessed with lavender and this is the main oil that I use.

Not only are essential oils great to spread around your home, I also like to put a few drops in some water a spray bottle and use it with a microfiber cloth wipe my kitchen cabinets, baseboards, walls, etc.

I will also spray some of this mixture onto my damp mop when I clean our laminate floors. Smells incredible when I’m done!

The best cleaning products and accessories


Have you ever been invited to a Norwex cleaning party? They are a bit like the Pampered Chef parties. You could completely roll your eyes at these, just like me, until I gave in and actually left.

I will not lie, I had no intention of buying anything at all. I only left because some of my best friends left and hello they had delicious food!

The best cleaning products and accessories

The best decision I ever made because I drank the kool help they sold and years later I never looked back.

I’m not trying to draw your attention to anything, but let’s just say if you want to reduce the amount of chemicals and detergents you use, check out Norwex.

I could keep talking about this company, but in short, you mostly use their rags and products with WATER ONLY. Right?

I use that Environmental cloth and window cloth (NEVER strips!) Every day of my life with nothing else. And a long list of other things you’ll see. To like this cleaning paste that makes your hob shine like no other. Best cleaning products ever.

The best cleaning products and accessories


I do not use it Kastilienseife that often, but when I really have to scrub something like B. my disgusting tile mortar, then I am right here.

Also a natural product that I simply mix with a little baking soda to get a paste, and with a small washer what I need to clean.

The best cleaning products and accessories


Another product that I rarely use, but it’s great when it’s needed. It is exactly what I sound like and get rid of everything that is sticky.

I use Goo Gone primarily when I put a price sticker on something and it leaves the sticky mess. It gets rid of it!

The best cleaning products and accessories


We have white protective covers with a three year old chocolate laboratory and a six month old baby. There is a lot of mess on this stuff, so I always do Spray them with this stuff after a wash.

It’s magic for dog slobbers and baby drool!

The best cleaning products and accessories


Last year my husband surprised me with one Dyson Cord Free Vacuum for our five year wedding anniversary and I might have cried.

You know that if you consider a vacuum to be the best gift ever, you will grow old!

I’m sure you’ve heard all the wonderful things associated with a wireless vacuum cleaner by now, and I’m here to reassure you, it’s absolutely life-changing. And I’m not exaggerating.

They are definitely an investment, but 100% worth every penny.

The best cleaning products and accessories

And the best part is that they come with all of these different attachments, like this short piece that I use to remove dog hair from all of the fabrics in our house. So good!

The best cleaning products and accessories

The best cleaning products and accessories


Because why not a super cute broom, a dustpan and water bucket if you need it.

The best cleaning products and accessories


Another Norwex product you would never regret buying. That mop comes with a dry mop and a wet mop head. The damp mop only needs water and my tile and laminate floors never looked so clean!

I replaced my Swiffer and my Shark Steam Mop with this guy. Love it!

The best cleaning products and accessories


I used to be a big promise girl, but now I literally don’t use chemicals at all when I dust.

One of my tasks is this cute little wooden handle brush, ideal to wipe our black dining room chairs and skirting boards.

The best cleaning products and accessories

I also use that Norwex dust stick to accomplish things like our ceiling fans and lights, and that Dusting with Norwex for almost everything else in our house that needs dusting!

Again with a dog and all of our natural jute carpets, our house gets super dusty, and all of these products work wonders when it comes to getting rid of that.

The best cleaning products and accessories


If you’re a completely crazy person about wrinkles like me, you need this steamer!

I use it for our sofa covers, our curtains and for all duvet covers and skirts that need a good smoothing. Also great for clothes!

The best cleaning products and accessories


I absolutely love it Glassprühflaschen for cleaning.

I like to mix bottles of essential oils and water, as I mentioned, vinegar and morning detergent (with a magic eraser – which I forgot to add to this list!) For our glass shower doors or just a bottle of water to use with some of my Norwex -Products.

I use my label maker Add labels to every bottle and it works great. And they’re cute too, so win win!

The best cleaning products and accessories

As you can probably see, I’m crazy about cleaning! I have learned to enjoy the process as this has to be done.

I found that finding products that I love and cute little accessories that I can use has definitely helped me take on this part of having a home.

And a good music playlist for cleaning doesn’t hurt either!

Now tell me, are you someone who likes to clean or do you hate it? What are some of your favorite cleaning products?



The best cleaning products and accessories


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