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Congratulations to Brandon and Thy! We met her in our First Time Home Buyers’ Class, which we held at in September. Last Friday they just closed a brand new home in Northeast Portland. This was our first graduation from the class and we are very happy that we have contributed to making this possible for both of them. We had amazing first class feedback and plan to host more in the future!

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Tony Le

estate agents

Tony Le was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.

After attending local Stephenson, Jackson, and Wilson schools, he went south to Eugene and attended the University of Oregon. After graduating in business administration with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship, Tony returned to Portland and immediately entered the real estate industry. Tony initially worked in the marketing team at Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty and learned the nuances of brand and real estate marketing for two years.

After two years of marketing luxury properties at a high level, Tony switched to full-time real estate agent. Tony brings his real estate marketing experience and local knowledge of the Portland metropolitan area together and offers a wide range of experience to serve both first-time buyers and real estate across all price ranges. When he’s not in the office or showing his home, Tony can be found trying out local bars and breweries, attending local concerts, or watching Netflix.

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