Children’s wallpaper with stars by Great Little Trading Company Babycare

We have redesigned a small children’s room with star motifs for children from Great Little Trading Company and the GLTC Greenaway book bag (which was sent to me for this post). So we got ahead

Great Little Trading Company star print wallpaper for kids and GLTC Greenaway bookshelf

But first, why wallpaper? Aren’t you painting faster and easier than wallpaper for children’s rooms? Good! This bedroom was originally ours, and when we moved in it had a huge, hideous wooden bed frame that we had attached to the wall to hide a massive hole in the plaster.

Children's wallpapers and children's wallpapers from GLTC

This is another post for another time, but why are previous owners always so strange ?!

At this point in our renovation, nothing else should be plastered that would have made it a less expensive task than just finishing one wall. So our builder scanned the hole and we tried to hide the imperfections with thick lining paper and wallpaper.

We left this room and moved on to our loft remodeling (as you can see in our post on loft remodeling tips), and E moved in. You are renovating on a budget and with young children it took a while for you have come to … (does this sound familiar to you?).

On the wall – wallpaper with star pattern for children’s rooms by GLTC

Large small trading company Greenaway bookshelf and stars print wallpaper

Take it one step further with the Star-Print background image Gray Stardust for children by GLTC. E originally wanted a unicorn wallpaper, and when I found out that the only beautiful unicorn wallpapers she liked were really expensive (around £ 80 a roll, yikes), she changed her mind. I didn’t want us to spend a lot of time and money on something that might change her mind in the future.

Fortunately, we both really enjoyed the selection of Great Little Trading Company wallpapers, and it’s a more reasonable price-performance ratio of £ 24 per roll. We chose the Gray Stardust pattern because it is simple but pretty and works as well as a kid’s wallpaper as well as a wallpaper for an older child.

Here is the before! Alex’s father kindly came in and did the work for us (he papered most of our house). He said it was easy to endure and I think we used a little more than one role.

Great Little Trading Company background

And here is the anus:

Great Little Trading Company Greenaway bookshelf

Great Little Trading Company Greenaway bookshelf rating and star print wallpaper for kids

I not only liked the GLTC kids wallpaper, but also the idea of ​​having a bookshelf on the wall where E’s bedtime books and general trinkets are kept.

We’re always looking for different ways to keep children’s books in our bookshelves with IKEA spice racks (where you can also see how they appear) Flat therapy this month – dream!) to our fireplace to make a bookcase that used the GLTC townhouse shelves.

I have always loved the GLTC Greenaway bookshelves and luckily they are now available in a mini version that is a perfect size.

Greenaway bookcase by GLTC for children's rooms

As with all GLTC products, self-assembly is easy and we have attached it to the wall.

Star wallpaper and Greenaway bookcase by GLTC - pink and gray children's room
Star print wallpaer and white bookshelf - pink and gray children's room -

You can stack books 3 to 4 deep on top of each other. So this is a useful repository for books and a great way to display treasures and all the little things that are always lying around.

Because there are always millions of them, right?

We also added the neon light of love and a couple of positive prints – these are attached with command hooks and washi tape that won’t damage or ruin the wallpaper. Fingers crossed!

These products were sent to me for review as part of my role in the Great Little Trading Company GLTC test team. The Star Beans Coffee Shop is one of the previously tested products. You can find the website Here.

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