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A few days ago I published my first answer to the social challenges for trainers designed by Eduro Learning. Today I watched Resolution 2, which deals with the coaching cycle. In this downloadable resource there is an infographic that shows the 4 phases of the coaching cycle.

Our question was which area of ​​the coaching cycle we would like to develop further. I decided to think about step 2 and identify a goal.

In my experience as a coach, I have found that teachers often get into a coaching cycle because they believe that they want to do something for their goal. What I discovered as a trainer is that the “do” part of the goal is often just the tip of the iceberg: there is a lot going on beneath the surface and careful scrutiny can lead to a deeper goal. The actual goal may be, for example, that a teacher wants to feel like a valued member of the school community, or that he wants to be more creative and reflective in his teaching, or that he wants to be more effective, resourceful, and successful. Recognizing these deeper goals is often required to effectively coach in step 3, which supports a teacher’s professional growth.

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