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What is a child sleep advisor?

A child sleep advisor is a pediatrician who generally has no medical license and specializes in helping parents find a healthy pattern for independent sleep in their baby. This is often felt as if your baby is sleeping through the night, but this is an inaccurate expectation. Usually a baby wakes up several times throughout the night. Ideally, they will wake up less often over time, but the point is that at some point the baby should be able to calm down and go back to sleep without much help from their parents. This is the goal of the sleep advisor.

Why should you hire a sleep advisor?

This is a reasonable question because a lot of books have been written on the subject. Surely you can gobble up the information from every book there is, read every article on the Internet and probably even find dissertations on infant sleep patterns and what is normal and what is not, which method is best, which methods are out of date, etc . and it is definitely excellent to read as much as possible about every aspect of parenting.

But the unfortunate fact is that you always get so much conflicting information no matter how much you read about it (or about any other parenting-related topic). When faced with conflicting information, you may either choose a “tried and true” method, or you may be so confused that you don’t know where to start. This is one of the reasons why you may want to hire a sleep advisor for children. A sleep advisor has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience – that’s the key – to both know which methods can be used and how to move from one method to the next based on unique factors and situations.

What does the sleep advisor do?

Another common misconception about a sleep advisor is that he has to stay at your home overnight to do his job. This is not always the case. In general, the sleep advisor is an advisor. They advise you; This means that they give you lots of guidance and are available to follow up communications so you can keep them up to date on new developments or tell them if something is not working or what you have. and they give you the direction to help your child sleep unaided and the encouragement you need to maintain your sanity.

There is some overlap in the duties of a sleep consultant, nanny, newborn care specialist, etc., since an NCS can certainly give you some tips on how to help your newborn sleep, for example. However, this service should definitely be considered, not least because this may be your only problem that you feel may need professional advice and support. Regardless, this hopefully helped to clear up some misunderstandings regarding this role and give you a better idea of ​​what the tasks involved, and hopefully you will consider Sleeping Angels Co. for this job. We are here for you.

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