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today PlanetJune history is very special – it is from Seth, one of my youngest customers at the age of only 10! Seth, with a little bit of support from Mother Amy, has become a real Amigurumi prodigy, and I think you will be impressed by his story and his beautifully crocheted dinosaurs.

And now to Seth:

Hello, I’m Seth from Utah! I am ten years old and I love to crochet.

PlanetJune Stories: 10-year-old Seth and his crocheted dinosaurs

Two years ago my cousin crocheted a pink jellyfish for me. I loved the animals she made and I wanted to make some for myself. I learned how to crochet and just crochet so I could make a snake.

Last Christmas I got a set to crochet safari animals. It took my first lion two days to finish, but now I can crochet a dinosaur in just five or six hours. I have almost 100 crocheted creatures and three crocheted pet nets to hang on my bunk bed.

PlanetJune Stories: 10-year-old Seth and his crocheted dinosaurs

Crocheted animals are fun and super cute and mushy. I love to show people my animals and sometimes they also want to start crocheting. (The crochet beetle is very contagious!)

I also love dinosaurs! I love PlanetJune’s dinosaur patterns because they are so fun to crochet and so realistic. I got my first dinosaur pattern for my birthday in July and loved it. The sewing instructions on PlanetJune have helped my dinosaurs look really good. After making dinosaurs for myself, I crocheted a few more to sell so I could buy more dinosaur patterns.

PlanetJune Stories: 10-year-old Seth and his crocheted dinosaurs

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot when I built my dinosaur collection. So far I have crocheted all 18 PlanetJune dinosaurs and created two of my own – Barosaurus and Deinosuchus – according to my own ideas and patterns from June!

PlanetJune Stories: 10-year-old Seth and his crocheted dinosaurs

(Back to me, June again!)

Seth, I am so impressed with your skill and passion to make amigurumi animals – and that you are starting to design your own creations too! You clearly have a talent for it and I’m so glad to see how much you like my patterns!

(I asked Seth’s mother Amy to explain her perspective and tips on how to teach children to crochet in the next PlanetJune story, so pay attention soon, especially if you want to encourage and support your own children crochet trip!)

Thank you Seth for telling us your story today ๐Ÿ™‚
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Do you have a PlanetJune history Do you want to share? I would love to hear it! Please email your story to [email protected], along with one or more high quality photos showing what you’ve made of PlanetJune samples. When I select your story to post here on the blog, I will send you a sample selection from my shop to thank you!

PS – If you also feel inspired to crochet dinosaurs, you can find all PlanetJune dinosaur crochet patterns here in my shop. ๐Ÿ™‚

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