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Dollar tree wood cut out craft

Hello friends! We are moving properly this winter season and here we are almost in February! Hey, we finally have warmth in our house. YAY!

This quick little craft can be for any season or occasion. When you see the dollar tree wood cut out per season, picking a few at a time is not a bad idea. You never know when to start casting, where to go, or whom to give. I thought of all sorts of ideas when I made these heart-wood clippings.

Valentine's wooden heart dollar tree crafts

They usually come in a pack of 5 including the cord. I used my own line because the cord it comes with is too thin. The actual wood cutouts are of good quality and not cheap and thin.

Dollar tree wood cut out heart craft idea

The day I did mine BOHO canvas picturesI had a few doilies left.

Boho heart swag made with dollar tree hearts

I had just the right amount to make my dollar tree heart cuts. This is not where to go or how I will arrange. I just wanted to shoot this photo to give you a visual one. Art and Herzenswag go to flatand I believe in ours Boho bedroom, Hearts are for the whole year, not just Valentine’s Day.

Tinker dollar tree heart

For this project you only need the dollar tree hearts, additional cord, Mod Podge and sponge brush.

First I cut my doilies into pieces, some larger than others. Then I used Mod Podge to paint the wooden heart with my sponge brush, stick on the paper doily and brush it over. You may need to trim parts. You can use tissue paper or even wrapping paper. Do it yourself, as I always say. These would make a cute swag for a wedding or baby shower, you can use the coordinating paper that would fit the theme. Hey, for a dollar or two you can just go wild and do swags. Have a swag party with your friends.

Mod podge on valentine wood cut out hearts from dollar tree

I painted the tips of the arrows on some just for a little extra. You could even add some buttons, pens, or bells. Just a little hint of you.

Craft ideas of the dollar tree heart

Hope you enjoyed my dollar tree cut out of wood, BOHO heart. I know that these doilies are difficult to find. I mentioned that I found mine at Michael a few years ago. The brand is called Recollection and they carry a number of waste paper goods. You can always pick up colored doilies or white ones and stamp or stencil a small design on them. There are always ways to improvise if you can’t find the exact one.

Pin it, make it, enjoy!

Dollar tree wood cut out craft

Wooden heart of dollar tree cut out craft

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Dollar tree valentine craft ideas

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Dollar tree valentine wreath with a scarf

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