5 secrets about how to be more beautiful than anyone SINGLE MOM

I will show you how to be more beautiful and how to look more beautiful for other people. Before we get into that, I don’t want to give you any superficial tips like B. Apply lip gloss, stick your butt out, and then post a provocative picture on social media. Because one thing I know about the reality of how to be pretty is defining your own pretty, and then people are drawn to you because what you do is not what you do.

I want to explain exactly what I mean by telling you a little story of how I learn what it really means to be pretty. When I was in high school (a long time ago, by the way) I wasn’t the one guys would flock to. Because I was a dark-skinned woman, I had buttocks and hips (and then) and nobody paid any attention to me. BUT I started to feel attractive and implement the tips that I will give you. and then I noticed a big shift. On Valentine’s Day this year, my last year, 5 boys (none of them black), whom I had no idea that I was attracted to, bought me flowers, chocolates and gifts. I was shocked. The thing was that I was still not considered a beauty standard, BUT I learned these things about the pretty:

  • To be pretty is subjective. There is no standard, it is literally in the eye of the beholder. The idea of ​​pretty is what someone says, so why can’t that be someone you are?
  • The man who decides how to be beautiful is how you feel about yourself. how you treat yourself and how you present yourself to the outside world. You can literally convince people how pretty you are based on what you show them.

What I did was that I allowed other people to adapt to my beauty standard by entering my own and not worrying about who felt in any way. And in a way that makes you irresistibly attractive. And that’s why I have the feeling that every YES everyone can learn how to be pretty and how to look pretty for others. By embodying something that most women tend to reject.

Let me explain

# 1 Learn to be more beautiful by accepting yourself as pretty

As cheesy as it sounds, it works. When I told you the story above, I accepted myself as pretty because I literally said to myself that I was a celebrity in my own brain and that was how I started to behave. DON’T LAUGH, but listen.

At that time I was very obsessed with magazines. Hip-hop magazine, hair magazines, women’s magazines. I looked at the pictures and analyzed “what made them pretty”. Instead of developing envy that I didn’t look like the pictures in the magazines, I just imagined that I was them. In return, my clothes changed, I became more fashionable, I changed my hairstyle, I started to walk with confidence, I was confident in body language and literally when I left the house, I imagined it was like this Girl in the magazine. I didn’t become exactly like her, but my whole philosophy was “I’m pretty too.” I can be a model if I wanted to. Now mind you, I’m 5’2 and that probably wouldn’t happen. But because I felt that way, I started convincing the world to see that about me. For the Bible it says.

Whatever a man thinks in his heart, he is like that. Proverbs 23: 7

I thought I would and started convincing other people that I was. And even today, in my mid-thirties, other women always say that they admire my trust. But that’s the key to knowing how to be beautiful, and so many women lack that. Always think about what they can change, how they can fit in, how they can adapt to something else, instead of seeing themselves as beautiful as they are AND behaving in a way that radiates it.

# 2 Give birth to your best self

I am not about vanity, but I would lie to you to say that you can go outside and look absolutely bad and that it will make you feel pretty. That is not true. You can read about how to glow on my blog, but the fact is that I had to bring out the best version of myself that made me happy and presented that version to the world when I left the house. Every day when I leave the house. That meant losing 70 pounds because I didn’t feel as good when I was heavier (see my video below). And yes, I still have curves, BUT I like curves and hug them in a way that shows that.

Improve your skinYes, I was aware of my acne skin as an adult, and when I cleaned my skin, I noticed that I looked better, felt better, and that it made me look much prettier. Simply having great skin care, drinking water, and doing things that keep your skin and body healthy is key.

Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, you do everything for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

Have a personality, Nothing is good about being pretty on the outside, but being boring on the inside. Decide to be yourself and let your personality be shown. Don’t try to be like someone else and imitate someone else’s personality. Just be yourself and you will see that people are attracted to you just because you feel comfortable. You don’t have to agree with everyone else because you fit in, express your opinion, give an opinion, want to show your own personality and don’t feel that you have to change this for anyone.

How to be more beautiful Have something for yourself, There is something attractive about a woman who is doing her best life out there, no matter what. She’s not sitting there waiting for a man to call her and put her life on hold for someone. When you speak to her, she is interesting because she does things with her life. She doesn’t tolerate disrespect, she doesn’t hunt a man, and if a man doesn’t respect her, she cuts it off quickly. This sets limits and shows people what you are worth. Remember, if you feel like you are worth it, other people will. Also watch my video below to become a high quality woman and don’t forget it Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel,

# 3 DO NOT let everything hang

Never be pretty when you show a bunch of skin. Yes, people may be attracted to you and you may even get attention, but it is not the kind of attention you want. Humans and especially men will put you in a box by saying to themselves:She has a beautiful body and I want to have sex with herThe fact is that a lot of women can be half-naked, that doesn’t make you special, it doesn’t make you conspicuous, it makes you just like everyone else.

The art of knowing how to be more beautiful is knowing that a really pretty woman can enter a room that is dressed in the nine, looks attractive, and is respectfully covered AND still draws the attraction of the room. This is because it is different, it sees itself as more than just tits and breasts and it tells other people that my value is so high that not everyone can see my goods. It’s thirsty to have everything, and real pretty women don’t thirst for attention. They understand that attention naturally attracts them just because they are. And it doesn’t have to be half-naked.

I tell everyone that I will shop in the second-hand store and I literally get compliments every day for my outfits and what I look like. One of the keys to being prettier isn’t grains but the opposite. What taught me to shop in the thrift store is to find my style and clothes in a way that is unique to me and that cannot be compared to anyone else.

Imagine a sea of ​​women and everyone is dressed in the same kind of trends, shopping in the same kind of places and wearing the same kind of things. But here you are doing something different with a great style that cannot be compared to any other, and suddenly you have become a unique jewel that cannot be compared to any other. Pretty is not about looking and being like everyone else. Spend a lot of money to go out and buy and attract the latest trends. That makes you a duck, a following, and pretty women are eagles that fly high and don’t follow what everyone else does.

When I once advised a young woman, she told me that she started dressing differently simply because it was that way, but if she had a preference she would dress differently, but she was afraid of others People wouldn’t get it. And my answer was who cares if they get it. Why are you reluctant to fit into a sea of ​​people just because it’s stylish?

Make your own style and know that you feel best when you look your best. Another crazy story is that I painted my toenails in this way and had rotating colors. No one was doing it at the time, and then I noticed the more I did it, the more other people started to work with it. Then I had to change it because I didn’t want people to look like me. BUT the point is that you KNOW that when other people try to steal your swag you are on your pretty girl’s wag. This is just an example of how pretty is subjective and you can get other people to bow to your ideas of pretty.

# 5 Learn to be confident

Pretty is more than skin-deep. Have you ever seen a woman who was really pretty and then unsure? You can see it in her body language, you can see it in the way she spoke, how she walked, and suddenly her beauty didn’t seem so pretty anymore due to the uncertainty.

There used to be an old saying that a woman could put a potato sack on and, if she had the confidence, draw attention in the room. Because trust is very important. There have been so many times that I am nowhere near the prettiest woman in the room, but I attract people as if I were. Simply because I feel comfortable with who I am. I don’t try to impress someone, I don’t do anything to draw more attention to myself, I just choose to be. And his is attractive.

The fact is that most people care about what other people think too much, but if you choose to do so, you are devaluing yourself because you are now choosing your own thoughts about yourself, what they think about you. If you are confident that you will adjust me or hate me, I love myself so you can do it or not. And if you have that attitude, most people want to deal with it.

Finally, I put the following quote on my Instagram (Don’t forget to follow me by clicking here):

There are a whole bunch of women who are pretty, have a nice body, but lack, because they rely on being superficial and being superficial, is basic. There is no sense of being a pretty shell but lacking in every other area. Yeah people may like to look at you, want to take you home, they may show you off to their friends, and like that shell they may even put you on the shelf as a decoration until you get old and they want to throw you out, ready for another pretty shell.

Don’t rely on basic and don’t strive to be a pretty shell. The difference between basic and true beauty is that true beauty radiates from the inside out and is not afraid to just exists the way that it is and being comfortable with that. Even if it means that no one else understands it or likes it. That takes you from someone who is like everyone else, to having something that can’t be found in anyone else.

These are the TRUE tips on how to be more beautiful. I mean really pretty and I can promise that when you start following these steps you will be shocked at how people react to you and how you can get people involved with this true version of yourself.

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