The benefits of divorced fathers – and where to meet them SINGLE MOM

A couple of years ago I went out a couple of times with a divorced father whose daughter happens to be my age. We spent our first date talking about our children and the challenges of parenting – and found that we have a lot in common.

For example, we are both very happy that our children have attended mediocre public schools, walked around the neighborhood on weekends, and watched TV on school evenings. However, we strive to get our kids to the right kindergarten, and we’re constantly dragging our priceless preschoolers to museums and They Might Be Giants concerts.

“What’s wrong with that?” We both asked ourselves out loud. I liked this guy. But when he entered his daughter’s earlier ballet career, I was a no good. “This class was the best hour of my whole week,” he said glowingly. “I couldn’t get enough of these 3 year old girls who tried so hard be little ballerinas. It was the cutest thing in the world. «Uncomfortable silence. It was my turn to speak, but instead I stared. I didn’t stare at his muscular shoulders or his adorable open smile. I stared at him.

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Why go out with a divorced father?

Most of the men I go out with are fathers, and that is the intention. Of course, it is convenient to meet other parents. Every lifestyle is similar. Since mothers and fathers are usually less cool than the general population, there is less expectation to have a conversation about Indy film, the hottest dumpling joint, or world tours.

But most of the time I attract men who are fathers for that very reason – they have gone through this colossal metamorphosis that only causes parenthood. There is a warmth and wholeness that men without children rarely possess.

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Advantages of dating a man with children

There are no surprises for single fathers

Another advantage: you know what you get. A man’s parent profile is about as transparent to a resume as you will find it. We can spend the whole day checking how a man dresses, how he orders his food or how long it takes to text us after our first sleep. However, the best measure of his character, personality and partnership potential is who he is as a father.

I have met many men whose education has been aphrodisiac. A divorced father charmed me with stories about writing children’s books together with his intermediate daughter, with whom he regularly makes sushi, while another – an artist who led me to his latest exhibition – proudly showed me places on canvas where he had his The son had invited himself to take his freedom with the brush.

Divorced fathers do amazing things for their children – and that’s hot

I’ve dated a couple of times struggling with his troubled teenage son who suddenly came to him all day after a decade as a non-government parent. He was reluctant to give details, but I was touched by the sight of a tender man who was doing his best in an impossible puzzle about the parents – alone.

It is these mentions that parents doubt themselves or fight for custody with exes, or that they are proud of a child’s sincere knowledge that shows what a man is – and how it could be with him to be together.

When I went to dinner with a revered father a few months ago, I confessed that I am a sissy before bed and often fall prey to my children’s stumbling.

“Not me,” he said. “I say good night and that’s it. I don’t care how much they cry. “I was impressed and asked where this steel came from. “I don’t give one SHIT, “he said.” This is my time and they have to go to bed. “I was speechless again. I may have crossed my legs and then crossed again.

Disadvantages of dating individual fathers

  • You have children, so you may not have as much time as you want
  • It can be a drama with his ex
  • Children are expensive – so he may not have much extra money
  • Maybe he wants to start the relationship slowly – not a bad thing!

Tips for dating a single father

PSA: Fathers are just like other types, except that they have children they actually know!

Some general guidelines that may apply, although of course every father is unique:

  • Be respectful of his time with his children. He may be happy to hire a sitter to see you, or he may desire this time with his children, and you must handle it. Wait for him
  • Keep in mind that if he doesn’t have children 50% of the time, it may not be his choice. Family dishes are not fair.
  • He’s the parent – not you. When you bring families together, you can have discussions about parenting styles and compromises. Until then, he decides how the children will be punished, etc.
  • That said, it’s okay for you to respectfully express your feelings about how your time together is managed and everything in the new family dynamic that bothers you. In other words, he doesn’t get more say in the relationship than you just because he has children.
  • Have fun!

Where to find divorced fathers

Dating sites to find divorced fathers

Check out a dating app. This is the easiest and cheapest way to get your mojo back and get a feel for what’s happening out there. All you have to do is connect with a cute guy to get the spark going again.

Online dating is one of the best things in the world for single mothers – time and money saving, and you can even do a guy background check before you go out!

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Matchmaker sites for finding divorced fathers

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Matchmakers are usually very expensive with no guarantees. It’s just lunch is different.

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How to Pick Up Sweet Divorced Fathers in the Playground

Are you in the playground Perhaps in the local swimming pool or on the sidelines of soccer exercises and choir concerts? In other words, you spend time being parents. And where there are parents, there are other parents. And where there are parents, there are also single parents. And where there are single parents, there are divorced fathers. And some of them are hot.

I have noticed a steep increase in good looking, interesting looking dads without wedding rings in all of the above locations in my neighborhood and in the soccer league where my kids play. Part of this scene is that older children are affected by older marriages. And statistically that means more divorce.

Sad? Yes.

A delicious, constant supply of fresh water to your pool for single mothers? You can bet on it!

I will not lie: I have noticed that I flirted with fathers from time to time. The next time you decide to stay awake during your son’s flute concerto, search the auditorium, and spot a cute bare-finger guy with the left ring, do the following:

1. Hang around nearby. I mean, don’t be weird. But find a reason to get involved. Say, encourage your child to drive the same carousel or donut-and-coffee table after the game. Remember, if you feel uncomfortable as a single parent in a world with married parents, he will too. You are doing him a favor.

Second Be friendly. But normal. Don’t be aggressive – people hate that. Try to smile. Seriously, that’s huge. Just smile at him.

Third Say something about the kids. After all, that’s the only thing you definitely have in common at this point. It’s okay if it’s boring. Be honest, most of the talk about children is numbing. Try: “Where does your child go to daycare?” Or “Rent or do you own your flute?”

4th Let him know that you are single. After all, at this point in time you are not 100 percent sure that it is. It is most natural to talk to your children about your father’s house. Children with married parents have no father’s house. “Dad’s house” is the golden code for, “I’m divorced, and I really, really, really hope you are too.”

Try: “No, no ice cream. You will soon have dinner in your father’s house. “Or” When you’re in your father’s house, I spend long days in bed. Excuse me, what was your name again? – Right, with that nice man, Chad. “

5th Embrace the moment. Ok, you found that you are both single parents. INGENIOUS! Use this moment. Within a second, you confirmed that you are both members of the same secret club, with your own language, horror, and more horror. You are currently a colleague of the war. Except better because you didn’t kill anyone and it’s absolutely legal to have sex with each other during the war.

6th Keep smiling. Now you have a really fantastic conversation about the retention fees and visiting hours that no one else could understand with the Swingset. That’s nice. But smiling means flirting. Do that.

7th Stop smiling. The part where he starts talking about how much he misses his children? Behave sadly in these places.

8th. Time to go! You go first Old-fashioned, set back to the rules of the 90s. Trust me this time.

9th Be cool, but direct. “We should hang out at some point.” Smile. But not weird. Exchange phone numbers.

10th Gather your kids. Get out before they act like assholes and undo all your needlework.

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