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I have heard it again and again: “With the full schedule of my children and me, I have no more time.” After a few months of this attitude, after a year you will look around and say: “I I can not believe that I am not there was not one Date in over a year. “Don’t worry, Momma.

I covered you, mom.

It’s not that you don’t have time yet. It’s like you’ve never met someone who inspires you to take the time to integrate it into your busy schedule. So I have three unusual ways to get on a first date and get you going again, so you can meet someone worth changing your schedule or missing an empire.

Three interesting first date ideas for single mothers

First meeting Idea # 1: Meet for a Quick Lunch

No matter where you work, you get a lunch break. Assuming that you work at least five days a week, ie five times a week (count these five times), you can schedule a first appointment. Listen, we like to give men a hard time because they seem to go out a lot. Why not take one side from the boys and have it easy and go on a coffee date? They are already at work together. For my professional ladies, you’re probably already dressed to kill. For my uniformed babes, you can quickly transform into something that is easy to get on and off and that makes you feel like a diva. I love a nice shift dress and a heel.

First meeting Idea # 2: Meet for happy hour

Happy hour lasts between 4pm and 7pm in most cities. It varies. However, this is the time when most of you go from work. Instead of rushing home, get out a little earlier and let the kids go to school until they are closed, or arrange for a seated person, family, or friend you trust to pick them up. Treat yourself to a nice early evening for your first date and go home with a smile. Or arrange in advance to be taken home and babysitters, or switch babysitting services with a friend you trust. She watches your children while you feel like a woman and enjoy the male company and vice versa when it is your turn. (By the way, that was my method when my boys were younger.)

And let’s face it, some men want Dutch (I don’t think I’m Dutch myself), but some girls prefer it. It’s Dutch, so they don’t feel obligated (I don’t know how a meal suits your body, but …) and we know how some (a small percentage) guys try to get out. If anything happens, you have your half, you have eaten well and now you know who you will no longer see. But what if it’s magical? Well, you just had the opportunity to share a little of your charm before you go home to relax, or you could make it a longer evening and bowl or dance, etc.

First meeting Idea # 3: Instead, make a breakfast appointment

“Good morning, beautiful.” Don’t you like getting the text from someone you really like? What about the morning before work? Leave your job, know you are around 9:30 a.m., drop the kids off school as early as possible, and use the time before getting into the rat race to meet a potential new friend. Now I would only need half a day, but if your workspace is flexible, come in, girl. Breakfast is also fun, it is not so full, it is a cool morning and then it is a set time because you have concerns and hopefully he too.

There you have it, honey! You have time for what you make a priority. No excuses, you have to take steps to do the things you say. And be creative !! Just because it’s lunchtime doesn’t mean you can’t go to a museum. Just because it’s happy hour doesn’t mean you can’t have an early dinner. Just because it’s breakfast time doesn’t mean you can’t meet in a park to go for a coffee walk.

And just because you have children, it’s not the end of your dating life as you know it. There are still good guys looking for a good woman. You don’t have to believe the hype or accept less than you earn because you have children. Some men are tall enough to understand a good woman when he sees it.

Listen to Linda, you have that! Be open to new things to have a new life. I can give you a nicely shaved leg HERE, Do you feel less secure after reading my great ideas? take mine 2-week dating confidence course and let your whole life go. It includes coaching from me, my signature “Love Plan” So you can find out exactly who you are and who you really want to wear, and get an audio interview with a stylist and a wardrobe guide for the first date for your body type. Yes, you are about to have a funny sister!

Use these tips with this special guy or mix and mingle with different Beaus. No matter what, increase your self-confidence and learn to attract good love. Go and get them!

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