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What to do if you don’t feel your baby’s kicks? From the 28th week of pregnancy, you should take a step count regularly. This way you can get used to your baby’s normal movement pattern, although babies are not always active in the womb. There are times when they just rest and sleep long

To do a kick count, go to a quiet, distraction-free room and sit with your legs up or lie on your left side and start counting your baby’s movements. It is better to do this twice a day and at the same time each day when your baby is normally active (for example after a walk, after a meal or after a cold drink). Every form of movement counts as a kick, be it a throw, a push or a blow. Up to 10 kicks per hour are a good sign that your baby is as active as it should be.

Whenever you feel that your baby is no longer active or that movement is restricted or your baby does not respond to stimulation (e.g. cold sugary drink), you must immediately ask for advice. A movement restriction is sometimes a warning sign that a baby is feeling uncomfortable.

WHAT TO DO if you can’t feel your baby’s kicks:

– Get immediate advice from your healthcare provider. Please go to the hospital. A fetal examination will be carried out by your doctor or midwife. You check your baby’s heartbeat, measurement and amount of amniotic fluid.


– If you are concerned about your baby’s movement or cannot count up to 10 kicks in an hour after taking a cold sugary drink, please DO NOT WAIT until the next day before going to the hospital, it may be too late then.

– DO NOT TAKE ALCOHOL. One of the mothers in our private group (Link in Bio) said she was advised to use alcohol to get her baby moving. A pregnant woman should NEVER drink alcohol.


Tell us, mothers, while you were pregnant, do you ever feel that your baby’s movement is restricted? What have you done?

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