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When it comes to Jamb 2020 registration, you have to Choose between Jamb UTME and Jamb Direct Entry, As I always say, Jamb UTME for “Secondary School Leavers” is about getting started (Jamb D.E) is for those who have received additional qualifications such as ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB certificate, etc.

There are two complaints from candidates about receiving the wrong Jamb 2020 form. The first category are those that have mistakenly bought UTME E-PIN instead of Direct Entry PIN, The second group are those who have registered Jamb UTME 2020 instead of Jamb Direct Entry 2020,


It doesn’t matter which category you belong to, there is a solution for you. In fact, the two problems are similar. If you bought the UTME form instead of the direct entry form, you just need to know what to do and how to do it. What you have to do is buy Form for converting UTME to Direct Entry.

To solve this problem, fill out the UTME to Direct Entry conversion form and send it to Jamb. You can purchase the UTME to Direct Entry form and make the changes in a recognized Jamb registration center or in a Jamb office.

Did you buy Jamb UTME E-PIN instead of DIRECT Entry E-PIN for 2020? If you are able to return the PIN and change it to a direct entry, do so. Otherwise, complete UTME REGISTRATION and purchase Conversion form from UTME to Direct Entry, This will now change your UTME to Direct Entry. It doesn’t cost much and doesn’t affect your 2020 admission.

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You can also ask What if the error was that I filled out Jamb Direct Entry instead of Jamb UTME? The same procedure will work. Buy direct access to the Jamb UTME conversion form.

This mistake of buying the wrong post shape is not very common. However, it can be so disturbing to the victim. Be very careful when filling out or buying the jamb form to ensure that you do not make such mistakes.

You can correct the name, date of birth and government of origin on the Jamb portal if you make a mistake when registering. Read how to do it here.

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