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The easiest way to Score very high in jamb is understandable How do I answer jamb questions? within the limited time. If you have written different exams, you will understand that the nature of the questions is different. Since the type of questions is different for different examinations, this also applies to the approach to questions.

They don’t expect you to answer jamb questions the same way as WAEC or NECO questions. I’ve already explained how posts asked questions and where jamb questions come from. Now let’s see how you answer jamb questions to get a very high result this year.


How to answer Jamb Questions 2020

1. Be smart:

Jamb’s answer can be either Option A, B, C or D, You will not receive a grade for choosing the closest option. Jamb does not check how you work or whether you are close to the correct answer. The only thing that matters at Jamb is the correction option.

You need to be extremely careful when choosing an option. Make sure your answer before you select it. Sometimes you may think you have “Option A“In the meantime you actually picked”Option B“. For this reason, it is advisable to check your previous answers from time to time to make sure which answer you have actually selected.

To understand passages, you must be able to justify the correctness of your answers and take into account the evidence contained in the text. Don’t jump in answers anyway.

B. SSCE, Jamb And Blogging Class

If you don’t understand a question Feel free to make smart guesses, However, do not choose a random answer if you really understand the topic. Keep calm and analyze the question.

2. Check units and symbols:

This applies in particular to arithmetic subjects. Your answer may be correct. However, have you checked that it is a standard unit? Did you do the necessary conversions before you solved?

If you have the question:

Provided that F = 20 N and M = 2 kg. Calculate the acceleration of the car …… ..

A. 4 B. 10 s C. 15 m / s ^ 2 D. 24 E. None of the above.

What is your answer

The answer is B? You are wrong. It is true that the acceleration force is divided by mass (20/2 = 10). However, the unit for acceleration is not Seconds. One thing you should be careful about in computing issues is Unit and conversion,

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3. Understand every question:

Many candidates fail not because they do not know the topics, but because they do not understand the questions. Jamb is very different from Waec. For everything the questions say, there is something it does not say.

If you see a standard jamb question, put it away Fear and overconfidence and try to see the big picture. Don’t assume what they’re asking, find out what they’re really talking about. Notice, Assumption is the lowest form of knowledge.

Don’t assume that you understand the question, but understand it. Don’t ask questions. It will harm you in the long run.

4. Answer the simple ones first:

You mustn’t waste time in the Jamb test hall. After all, you don’t have in the world all the time. When you get the questions, flash them quickly to see those you can easily answer.

Get started on this before you touch the more demanding ones. This does not mean that you cannot answer everything. It’s just a proven approach to save time. You have to learn to answer jamb questions at the speed of light.

5. Answer each question:

You may not have an answer to every question in the Jamb Exam Hall. However, answer every question in the Jamb test hall. Leave no option open. Generally there are no negative marks in jamb.

Here, Do a very wise gues. Return to the questions that you answered correctly and look at the pattern below. If the majority of your answers are “C”, you may want to select C in the unknown.

What I’m trying to say is that; Try to see the pattern that the answers follow and find out what you can do with them to answer the questions that you are not sure about.

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