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Here is a baby fox that draws easily enough so that kindergarten teachers can try it out. Careful dyeing on black paper gives it a bold expression.

Baby fox drawing
Baby fox drawing



  1. Draw guidelines or fold them in half to form folds.
  2. Students follow the tutorial to draw the fox in pencil.
  3. The fox is traced with a black oil pastel.
  4. The fox is very strongly colored with oil pastels.
  5. The background is colored.
  6. The black lines are redrawn to make them bold so that they really stand out.

Paint a fox on newsprint

Sometimes I find fun art projects for kids that have needs that many students can’t easily reproduce. The answer for newsprint? Print your own.

simple art projects for children

This fox painting looks like a recycling newspaper for the background of a painting, but in fact one sheet was scanned and printed for everyone. You don’t have to create your own file. Just download my file from the link below.


• Download the newspaper background file
• cardboard, cream
• Sharpie marker, chisel tip
• tempera color


1. Look at my file above and drag a copy onto your desktop. Print the file onto sheets of Manila cardboard to preserve the old look.
2. The students paint a fox in the style of an artist JoMama, Start with a U for the head, then finish the face and a big punch for the tail and body.
3. Trace the drawing with a permanent marker. The thicker the marker, the better. A bold black link must stand out from the print.
4. This is a good time to learn how to make the right shade of orange for a fox. I like how the newsprint runs through the color and adds additional dimensions and textures.

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