Priscilla Shirer is now at home after a major lung operation Christianity

Last week Priscilla accepted Shirer Facebook to show that doctors would remove an entire rag from their left lungs because of “dangerous irregularities”.

“Since then, several lung specialists and I have observed it very carefully. Last summer it was clear that surgery had to be done because the knot started to grow and showed signs of dangerous irregularities, ”Shirer said.

Shirer recently lost her mother, Lois Evans, to a rare form of cancer and said her surgery has been delayed due to the recent difficulties her family has been facing.

In addition to her mother’s death, the family still mourns the death of her grandfather Tony Evans ‘father in November and the unexpected loss of Evans’ sister Beverly Johnson, who passed away in January.

Despite the challenges that Shirer and the Evans family faced, they persisted in their beliefs to ensure their livelihood.

Shirer wrote: “For these reasons, the operation has been delayed, but I can no longer postpone it without endangering my own health. This Monday, January 13th, 20, surgeons will remove an entire flap from my left lung. ”

Shirer said that her church prayed for the upcoming operation, so she wanted to share the news on social media for those who care about her health and well-being.

Some of Shirer’s closest friends have worked on social media to pray for them too.

“In a taxi on the way to the hospital, where our friend is operated on. Armed and dangerous. And yes, we will no doubt march around the hospital seven times as if it were Jericho. We may stop praising and dancing with banners in the waiting room. “, He said Beth Moore in a taxi with Christine Caine.

Let us keep the Shirer / Evans family in our prayers.

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