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Get more ONG by turning this on!

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t say how panicked I feel when I have to get through Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s (which is also my birthday) and now the Chinese New Year the next weekend! Oh my god, I feel my blood pressure go up just thinking about spring cleaning and decorating my house!

Fortunately, I’m not married yet, so the decorations are minimal. Maybe the usual tangerines and the notorious must-have pineapple tarts are my decoration this year, but for those who stubbornly ring in the 2020 Ong, decorating your home is as competitive as the Americans celebrating Christmas!

If you belong to this hardcore group, you shouldn’t miss out on welcoming all the ONG that you can get by activating this ONG unique decoration trend for the modern home.

Your guests would be impressed because you covered everything!

AvatarOn from Schneider Electric; Art in your home

With AvatarOn you can adapt your electrical devices (switches / sockets) to your festive weather conditions! The best of everything, not just for the festive seasons, but practically you can personalize it at any time to match it with your interior.

Cat ladies, this cat’s meow is for you

Art deco in your home?

don’t be jealous i’m different

Plant parents like me would love that!

You may not notice it, but everyone touches this thing every day, especially when it gets so dark. Yes, I’m talking about our home switches and now these humble switches are getting the attention they deserve.

Exchangeable light switches according to your wishes with AvatarOn

Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn is a revolutionary switch suite that takes personalization to the next level with world-class digital printing technology. It is a range of interchangeable covers for complete customization and integration into any home decor. Be it a decor from the year of the pig to the year of the rat, with AvatarOn you have the flexibility to personalize and change your switches whenever you want.

adaptable at any time, can also be used as a photo frame

For example, print out your family photos

The unique, patented technology and the exquisite workmanship ensure comfortable operation and the easy-to-assemble design allows you to change the front panels as quickly and easily as you want. Now you can integrate your Chinese New Year decoration ideas into your room and turn it into a work of art!

AvatarOn offers four classic designs. White, soft wood, dark wood, and golden hairline – let the details of your home change, just like the changes in your colorful life. The revolutionary switches can be equipped with a variety of interchangeable or adaptable covers, which gives AvatarOn the flexibility to easily integrate into all decoration styles and to meet all aesthetic requirements.

More information can be found here Here and for your information you can also buy them from Lazada!

PS: You can also customize it if you prefer your personal touch or want to impress someone over photobook,

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