Progressive Christian Reflections by Chris Glaser: Spiritual Skinny Dipping Christianity

Progressive Christian Reflections by Chris Glaser: Spiritual Skinny Dipping

Spiritual skinny diving

Nowadays I have the opportunity to dive thin, but I loved it. The
Sensuality of slipping into the waves on the bank or into an awakened pond or pool
My body not only for my physical senses, but also for my full communion with the earth.
The photo above, taken in 1985 by my friend George Lynch in Hawaii, was modest
provided and processed even more modestly for this purpose! But I use it to illustrate a story mystery tremendumwhat just happened
before I swam back to stand on the rocks that surround this natural pool
base of the towering waterfall in the background.
To the
I strip out and enter unknown waters like this
Act of courage and vulnerability. I didn’t know what else could be in there
Water and what I could expose my most personal parts; but it was
exciting and invigorating to do. The depth of the pool and the currents
Even under the gently rippling surface, this less experienced man knew nothing
I swam a few times to the bottom of the waterfall, which was spat out by rocks about fifty times
Meters above me, a little closer each time, and I returned to the shore three times
without daring to swim under the roaring, hard falling water. That was
Reasonable, because the water might have knocked me out.
As I approached the danger, I was filled with an exquisite, fearful awe. my mystery tremendum, It had parallels to it
Leaving behind religious fundamentalism and biblical literalism
speaking publicly and activism as an introvert or coming out of the closet or
love for the first time. There was something sacred and awesome behind it
any apparent terror.
To the
those of us who get rid of unnecessary religious constraints and baptize
even in advanced Christianity we approach in awe and terror a
other god. God does Really love
us unconditionally? God does Really Life
“In our neighborhood” in our house? Can God forgive without demanding it?
Price as the sacrifice of Jesus or damnation of the unbeliever? What currents
or creatures lurk beneath the surface that can threaten our most personal
come on
in the! The water is fine!
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