Best Metal Products at Metaconcept

Metaconcept has over 30 years of experience in supplying alloys and fluxes to diverse clients worldwide. The company specializes in non-ferrous alloys, Babbit alloys, various alloys of soldering consumables, and low melting temperatures alloys used for industrial brazing and soldering. It also includes recycling divisions whereby you can dispose of your unused metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous, which is melted and reused to reduce industrial waste to help accomplish green goals.

Pewter suppliers commercializes an extensive supply of filler metals, welding products, fluxes, and many different alloys. There are also various tin, aluminum alloys containing calcium and lead arsenic mixes that target the arts, crafts, and jewelry dealers. For any client who requires food-friendly metal alloys, Metaconcept offers lead- free pewter alloys. Whether you want some flat bars or wires, our company provides alloys ideal for all customers appropriate for centrifugal casting or gravity casting to create products. We offer the best Babbit alloys, a crucial component in the manufacturing of plain bearings. There is also various star Babbit alloys available to meet diverse customer specifications and to match older product references. The Babbit alloys meet different international standards and are applied in high-speed engines, rolling mails, rail tracking systems, and turbines. We also offer on-site training courses, including alloy production, babbitting, centrifugal casting, and mass finishing.

Most application calls for the use of the low melting point alloys well; the metaconcept group is so determined to cater to this need using Cerro fusible alloys made from high purity metals. We have an on-site lab to monitor all liquids and solids temperatures. These alloys can be used in radiotherapy applications and thermometers; the alloys are reusable and are available in a wide range of sizes and formats.

The leading tin sheet metal suppliers helps you select the right type of metal required for your product or machinery. You can order the tin sheet metal in the form of discs, plates, or foils with or without fluxes. Through the specialists in the company, you will get customer care services and expert advice in this industry.​

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