Repetition of popular patterns – Schumacher fabric Interior Design

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. This concept easily describes the beauty of this miniature colorway collection from Schumacher Fabric. They’ve adopted their most popular patterns that have been loved by many for years and added some fresh and up-to-date new colorways to keep up with the times and add versatility to these iconic styles.

Patterns within the collection:

  • Pyne Hollyhock
  • Shengyou Toile
  • Camden Cotton Check
  • Elton Cotton Check
  • Marguerite embroidery
  • Marella
  • Queen of Spain
  • Garden gate Chintz
  • Etched fern

Pyne Hollyhock

Schumacher fabric Pyne Hollyhock
Schumacher fabric – Pyne Hollyhock

Schumacher’s Pyne Hollyhock is one of her most popular patterns. In social media, it is a style that is frequented by countless designers and is itself a style enthusiast. We welcome these two refreshing new colors “green tea” and “buttercup”. If you want something warm and inviting, white and gray complement the soft, warm background of the buttercup color. If you want something cooler, rendering green tea has a white background and mint tones.

Shengyou Toile

Shengyou Toile Schumacher fabric
Schumacher fabric – Shengyou Toile (paperback as wallpaper)

Shengyou Toile paints a beautiful ethnic scene in its traditionally subdued and softly spoken colors. The new additions of blue and yellow, two primary colors, illuminate the pattern and bring it to life. If you like the darker look, the pure black color can also meet your requirements.

Camden Cotton Check

schumacher camden cotton check fabric
Schumacher fabric – Camden Cotton Check

Elegantly simple rural glamor is a great way to sum up the Camden Cotton Check. This large format check creates a cozy interior that you can easily lean into and read a book on a beautiful summer afternoon. In addition to the already many color variants, these soft, spoken pink and lilac colors, which are mixed with neutral colors, expand the high level of versatility and give everyone the opportunity to integrate them.

Elton Cotton Check

The Elton Cotton Check is an alternative to the Camden Cotton Check and a tighter and smaller check in a similar color scheme.

Marguerite embroidery

Schumacher fabric Marguerite embroidery
Schumacher fabric – Marguerite embroidery details

Highly detailed vintage embroidery is definitely an eye catcher. We love the chunky yarn and thread details of the Marguerite embroidery. The new additions from Blue & Ocher and Buttercup illuminate the palette with their contrasting details that are used within the pattern.


Queen of Spain

schumacher fabric queen of spain
Schumacher fabric – Queen of Spain

A minimal dotting pattern with a slight variation in the effect density that looks gives a very contemporary and fashionable look. Queen of Spain is highly valued as one of the most popular patterns from Schumacher Wallpaper as well as for fabric applications. These new, minimally neutral additions to traditional print add a new element of the softly spoken, bold style. We are excited to see how designers and residents work in their rooms.

Queen of Spain (sheer)

Queen of Spain is also available as a pure alternative, which is ideal for curtains.

Garden gate Chintz

Flower lovers are delighted, the garden gate chintz in magenta and cobalt is brimming with beauty. Bright and eye-catching in their respective colors, those who are looking for something cool and bold or warm and lively will be able to make excellent use of these new supplements.

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